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I was at my friend's law school graduation party today. We had a nice time. It's so weird. I've known him since we were both freshmen in high school, and now I'm a teacher and he graduated from law school.

Tony, sorry about the bad experience with the MRI. Would it be better if you went for an open MRI? You know, at some places they also have MRIs where you can stand up.

I saw the eye doctor yesterday. I got some good news about the Diquafosol drops. They are supposed to be used for the same thing as Restasis. But it's a different medicine. The FDA had approved it, but wanted them to change the usage indications. Now they did that, and it's up for FDA approval again. Hopefully all will go well this time and they'll be out soon. Since my doctor is a rep for the company that makes them, and he's participating in other research studies for them, he thinks he might be able to get the samples as soon as it comes out. As soon as he gets his hands on the drops, they'll be in my eyes.

You know, it figures. Not twenty minutes after I left him yesterday, I was at the mall and felt something sticking me in the eye. I had an eyelash in there. I had to stand there with a q-tip and a mirror and pluck this thing out! Since then I've had like two more! This is ridiculous!

My eyes are basically the same, but my oil glands are really really full and clogged. I admitted that I haven't had time to do hot compresses as much as I would like to. I didn't get yelled at. I just got "the stare!" I know I need to do it, and it does make my eyes feel better, but I can't get up early enough in the morning, and then when I get home from work I pass out! I will go do one now though. (for the second time today.) Weekends make it much easier to get it done.

I had so much stringy white stuff coming out of my eyes today that I could have made a ball of yarn!
"Starfox, it is just not possible for me to go without using tear drops. My eyes are so bone dry that they are incredibly painful if I don't use them. Plus, I don't have very much oil in my tears anyway. I have learned that if my eyes feel dry and I DON'T put tears in them, I will wind up with a corneal abrasion or an infection."

It's amazing I haven't had an infection with the careless way I've been treating my eyes lately. On the days when my eyes are filled with that thick oil, I find myself having to use my fingers to wipe away the mucus build up from the corner of my eyes many times. Q-tips rarely work. I have a tube of bacitracin just in case I do develop one though. It was perscribed to me by an eye doctor for my dermatitus. I didn't have an infection, but he gave it to me anyway.

"I learned that the hard way when I developed a severely infected corneal ulcer just from blinking."

Just read about that in the archive. It must have been really severe for it to have warrented a customized antibiotic. Vancomyicin, right? That's what I used to clear up my c-diff infection, only it was in pill form. It was a cake walk compared to this. 4 times a day and I was fine for the most part. Wish they had a medicine that would do that for dry eyes. :(

"That was 3 1/2 years ago, when I first started with these problems."

The way my current eye problems developed is kind of wierd. Up until two or so months ago, my eyes were almost perfect. Even the dermatitus and ocular roscea never bothered me. Only a handful of times did I wake up with dry eyes, and after a few seconds of intense blinking, my eyes returned to normal. I stress only a "handful". And I still have never had an eye infection, but did have a couple of close calls due to my own recklessness and stupidity. When I was 8 or so, I was playing "guns" with my friends, except this time it was with loaded bb guns. Needless to say, I got shot in the eye, and if it hadn't been for an eye blink that occured a split second before impact, I'd probably be blind in that eye right now. All I sustained was a minor corneal scratch. No infection developed. The other close call happened four years ago. I was fooling around with my cat when I stuck my face right in her face, and she clawed my eye. It was very severe this time. It permanently altered my vision in that eye, causing me to see halos and stuff. But no infection or ulcer thanks to the antibiotics no doubt. But two or so months ago, all HELL breaks loose, a downward spiral. It all started with my cat, yes the same cat that scratched my eye four years prior. I was laying down on the couch when all of a sudden she jumps up on my chest and SLOBBERs, resulting in a wad of cat gobbly-goo landing in my left eye. I PANIC! I run to the bathroom and splash some tap water in my eye to flush out her saliva. I rubbed my eye very hard while doing this, causing what might have been a corneal abrasion (still not sure). It goes away two hours later and I think nothing of it. Then two symptom free days later, it comes back while I'm watching television. It takes longer to go away this time. The next night it comes back AGAIN. So I've had it up to here and want this crap to end. I ruled out a corneal abrasion because this was happening when my eyes were as moist as they should be. I'm thinking it's a flake that keeps getting trapped underneath the eyelid, so I do something very STUPID. I took a bowl of tap water and dunked my face in and opened my left eye, hoping the flake would dislodge and exit for good. That didn't happen. Instead the pain got much worse, because for a second time, I rubbed my eye very hard out of reflex. The abrasion feeling was with me the whole night, preventing me from falling sleep. In response, my mother schedules an appointment with an eye doctor the next morning (I'm a teen). By the time I'm in his office, the pain has cleared up and he naturally sees nothing wrong with my eye nor does he see any foriegn body stuck to my eyelid, but he does see the dermatitus, for which gave me the bacitracin that I already told you about. I was on my way, hoping that the abrasion feeling would never return. And it DIDN'T (at least not to the same extent regarding the pain)! But something worse happened. My mom comes home from work with a bad cold, and as usual I catch it despite taking some preventive measures. Because it's difficult for me to sleep with a cold, I start taking the new tylenol cough medicine at night. I now suspect that I had an allergic reaction to it. While on it, I began experiencing the "burning sensation" which rapidly increased in frequency -- up to seven severe attacks a day. I didn't link it to the medicine at the time. Just figured it was due to the cold virus and would eventually go away on its own. It did.... for a day, and that was the very day the "dry eye" set in. My eyes have been alternating between those two eye conditions ever since. As I type this they are dry (not bone dry mind you), when yesterday they were very oily, wet, stinging.

"My eyes have improved ten-fold since then, but they are still pretty crappy. Since having all 4 of my tear ducts cauterized about 2 1/2 years ago, I am at least able to retain some of the watery layer of tears."

You have to use that many viles a day even with your tear ducts cauterized? Oh my god! Because of this oily condition I keep having, that's not even an option for me right now. I want that thick, burning oil to DRAIN, not stay in.

"Before that I had absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero tears."

Even reflex tears? I'm inducing yawns right now to get some relief from the reflex tearing. I blink only a little bit during this so as not to drain the tears out quickly. The burning oil is gone, for now.

"I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have had a foreign body in my eyes over the past few years. I don't have the dermatitis follicles, but my eyelashes tend to grow inward."

I've had one too. They're terrible.

"So I can't even remove them myself when they start to bother me, because I can't see exactly which eyelash it is, and I'd poke myself in the eye with the tweezer!"

The one I had I pulled out with my finger. It took literally several hours of struggling to get a hold of it (thankfully it was a thick one, allowing me to grip it). I gripted it tightly in between my finger nails, and yanked it right out. Never grew back after that.

"Hot compresses do make my eyes feel better. They release the clogged up oil and get rid of all the debris and crud on my eyelids."

Crud on your eyelids? Wouldn't that be dermatitus?

"Have you tried wrinsing your eyes with tear drops when they burn?"

They would probably burn my eyes out if I did. I found that cold-compresses help a lot with the burning.

"It's kinda silly not to use them if they would help you. If you didn't like Thera Tears, there are plenty of other good ones out there. You said that you don't need to use drops anymore, but it sounds to me like you do!""

I don't think my dry eye is severe enough to warrent use of them yet. I still produce enough of the oily part to prevent my eyes from becoming bone dry. If I were to put them in now, they would wash away all that oil, forcing me to use the drops around the clock. I don't want it to come to that.

"I know how you feel. This takes a big emotional toll on me too. But I have lived with it for so long, it would be odd to have a day without it! Believe me, I am hoping for that day, but it doesn't seem like it will ever come!!"

For me it's to the point where I don't even want to wake up anymore.

"I also get a TON of mucus in my eyes, which I have become very adept at removing with a q-tip! (so has Tony!)"

You have guts. I'm too afraid to touch the white part of my eye.

"Sometimes if my doctor sees the strands while he is examining me, he pulls them out, and he just can't believe how long they are!"

Yeah they're pretty nasty. They're at their most bothersome when I wake up in the morning. Morning is when my eyes are at their wettest (sometimes fooling me into thinking I was cured), and they just love to swim around in all that extra moisture.

"By the way, I am young too. I am only 24. Older people tell me that I am lucky that I am young because I will heal better, but I say that people who get sick when they are older are luckier than I am, because at least they got to live until a certain age being healthy."

Your story is really frightening. Here I am counting on my youth to save me and here you are at 24 with severe dry eyes for years, and little hope ever returning to normal. I still have hope though. I just can't imagine living like this for the rest of my life. It's a real nightmare.

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