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Yes, this was the first time any kind of anesthesia has affected me...i've had knee surgery but man, this hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm still tired. The retina doctor told me I'd be tired for a few days, both from the anesthesia and the whole surgery/stress itself. He said I should rest and if that means sleeping in between drops (every 2 hours!!!) then so be it.

The pain I am feeling is mostly from the stitches, my eye does feel a little achy, but not as bad as the scratchy stitches. All of this is normal, from what the doctors tell me. My mom said my eye is less red now than it was yesterday when they took the patch off. I'm trying to keep the eye open but it feels really weird so mostly i just sleep during the day or rest with my eyes closed. I can barely keep my good eye open. It feels like it's tired or something. Also, the repaired eye like, oozes stuff. I read in the post-op instructions from the retina doctor that that is expected and the nurse at the hospital told me not to get scared if that happens, so I guess it's normal.

I know it will be slow going for awhile, but I did see the "E" on the wall, like i said, and i can see out of it, just not clearly. The retina doctor told me i'd be seeing floaters and spots for awhile from the vitrectomy and the opthamologist told me it would be awhile before i could see clearly after the cataract surgery. They said I had 2 procedures, so it's double recovery time but my youth is on my side.

My doctors were the best though - they were right there while I was getting ready to go to sleep...the opthamologist patted my head and said everything was going to be alright and the retina doctor was standing on the other side and he high fived me and said when I woke up I'd be in a better position than I was, so that was cool to hear right before I went out.

I will keep you updated on what's going on. I hope i heal soon, though!!

Oh, Hellas, yesterday the doctor checked the pressure in that eye and it was normal. I know I mentioned to you that i was freaked about that! :)

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