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[QUOTE=Brandiwine]my son is two and has supposedly needed glasses since he was a year old. th eye dr said he has a +3.25 in both eyes. i have been told that this is pretty bad .....but he seems to not need them from what we can tell.(plus he keeps taking them off and breaking them) :blob_fire they are very expensive!!!!!!! how can we tell if he really needs them or not? :confused: thank you all in advance for any advice and/or replies.[/QUOTE]

Brandiwine :

When your Eye Dr. said your 2 year old needed glasses with a Rx of + 3.25 in both eyes,this is a moderate strength of lens perscriptin for Hyperopia (farsightness). It is good that your child was dicovered early with this vision problem,because if it went uncorrected,it could lead to crossed eyes or a lazy eye. As you know, a child of 2 is very much on "the go". They use their vision for "running around" mostly,that is to say, looking "far away", at objects. If you are reading a story with him, or playing games at the "near point" then, by all means" enchourge him to wear his "special" glasses for these "near focus" tasks, also, for all TV watching. (he should sit up right and back about one and one half his height from the TV).This will take a lot of stress and strain from his eyes, correcting his farsightness ( the problem of seeing at near). As your child reaches the age of 3 and 4, He will fell more comfortable in "keeping" the glasses on more often ( eg. all the time.) He may even make that deceision himself. Just like making the decision to "do potty" in the proper place, when you and he are ready ! Yes, these glasses are expensive. But you can be in control of how he needs to wear them. They break alot less when he is not really having to wear them "running around". Ages 3 and 4 will make a big difference.

Hope this information is practical and informative. Children at the age of 2
want to move around more than "sit still" They are "little people" who are to busy to ""tell" you they need their glasses. Now you know.

Be sure to return to you Eye Dr. in a 3 to 6 months for a re-evaluation.

Good luck, your son will thank you for concerns about his eyes and his furture.


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