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Thought I'd post this here. I'm new to this forum.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to mine? My eyes felt perfectly fine until this month when my left contact starting bothering me. I tried changing to a fresh pair and even not wearing them for a week or so, but after putting them back on I found my eyes felt dry and irritated.

My first 3 trips to the eye doctor were not especially useful. The first saw nothing, although I should say he was an optometrist. The third one gave me the schrimer's (sp?) test and I scored around 5 on my left eye (the irritated one) and a 4 or so on the right one, which doesn't bother me at all. He told me I have really dry eyes and to use artifical tear drops. To be honest, I didn't really feel like these people were very concerned or patient with me. They just seemed to dismiss it as no big deal. This really bothered me b/c my eye was causing great discomfort and that's certainly a big deal to me!

I recently found a new opthamologist who I like much better. He's patient, answers my questions, and keeps from losing my head over this. He examined me and told me I had become allergic to my contact lenses. He could see keratitis (sp?) developing a bit, but not to worry. He also saw a low grade infection in my eyes. On top of that I have dry eyes, which had never bothered me before. He told me taking a trip to the outdoors had set it off and if I hadn't worn contacts I'd be fine. I'm not to wear contacts for a month, and I may decide never to wear them again at this point. He prescribed Elestat for the allergies. My eyes aren't itchy or watery though, so I hope it has some other effect. I'm using TheraTears to lubricate my eyes. Does it take your eyes time to get used to them? Sometimes I feel like they don't do too much for me. I've tried hot compresses and he told me to clean my eyelids with a q-tip dipped in water with baby shampoo. If this doesn't clear the infection, he'll give me anti-biotic drops.

Has anyone experienced something similar or you know of someone who has? Sometimes my eye just drives me to distraction and bothers me so much. I'm wondering if it gets better and if there's a chance my eyes will return to normal? Even if I do have dry eyes, which I must have had before, they never bothered me. Probably wearing contacts all these years has led me to this point, but I don't care if I ever wear them again. I just want my eyes to be healthy!

I'm feeling a bit down about this whole experience and I hope someone out there can give me some hope or advice. I just want to believe my eyes have a chance to go back to what they were.

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