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[QUOTE=myope33]This does not add up. If you say they feel strong, then your contact lense pescription may be too high and you are accomodating the difference. You should be a -3.25 or -3.5 contacts if you are -4.25 glasses. I am supposed to be -5.5(left) and -5(right) but with the -4 contact sample I tried I was seeing just as well as my glasses in either and both eyes! My sister also got overpescribed contacts -2.75 when they should have been -2. Her eyes have since gotten worse in the past 6 months. Its sad how some people get pescribed contacts too strong or glasses too weak. One lady I know wears -3 contacts and -3 glasses and she says things are a little blurry with the -3 glasses. I told her she needs -3.75 glasses[/QUOTE]

Are you kidding me? How can you tell somebody over the internet what power contact lenses they should be wearing without examining them?

Are you a doctor? NO

Did you examine the creator of this thread? NO

If this can be done over the internet, then why are optometrists and ophthalmologists going to school for so long?
[QUOTE=myope33]Then howcome me and my friends experience a constant 1.25 factor in vertex distance? The difference in diopters between glasses and contacts go up the more myopic you are but the percentage is fixed. I have tried samples of several different pescriptions and in every case, it was 1.25 times stronger than glasses. Even the weaker samples held true. One of my friends is -2 glasses and -1.75 contacts. I see slightly better with -2.75 contacts than -3.25 glasses but the difference is small though.[/QUOTE]

The percentage is not fixed.Correction at -7.00D is .50D,correction at -10.00D is 1.00D.These corrections dont take into account the effect of the tear film forming a tear lens and the image size difference formed on the retina with cls versus eyeglasses.The most accurate way to refine the cl power is to perform an overrefraction over the cls while looking at the eyechart(at the optometrists office).
better yet monovision :) I know what its like to be presbyopic. With strong contacts things from near become blurry. You may want enough undercorrection to see clear from near. My glasses pescription is -5 and I find that I need -2.75 contacts to have any useful ability to see from near. This is about equal to -3.5 glasses as the -2.75 contacts correct me in the distance a tiny bit more than my -3.25 "computer" glasses. Of course I like reading even better with no correction. I dont wear contacts much and if I do I cant have both near and distance vision anyway and im not about to bother putting reading glasses over contacts when I can read without any correction. If you stick to glasses you can take them off for reading or other near work :)

edit: monovision doesnt work for everyone. I dont like it, its disorientating having one eye blurry and the other clear and it hurts my binocular vision. My mom does use monovision to give 20/30 in the dormant eye(best corrected) and 20/100 in the other and she says it does bother her sometimes but better than having to reach for readers all the time. She often sticks to progressive glasses. She could remove her glasses(like -9) to read but having your nose nearly touch the book isnt exactly convinent

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