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Tony, I didn't take any offense. I just wanted to make sure that YOU weren't mad at ME! :) We're cool bro.

I know how you feel. I have a lot of stomach problems too. Had my first endoscopy when I was 15. I was very sick with severe stomach problems when I was a teenager. Now the GI doctor that I used back then is also my GP. You definitely need to see your GP about the stomach issues. Maybe he can suggest something to help with the anxiety, too. Have you seen a psychiatrist, or does your GP prescribe the anti-anxiety meds for you?

It most certainly does get very overwhelming sometimes. I've also had mild to moderate anxiety issues for a while too. Can you blame me? Eye problems, MS, stomach problems, family issues (my brother just lost his job today). Having anxiety and depression certainly does not help with the health problems.

Tony, I know this is off the topic of eyes, and maybe a little personal and not something you are comfortable talking about, but have you thought about getting some counselling to help you deal with your anxiety? I did, and it really helped. I need to talk to someone again, but the social worker that I had seen is not around anymore and I have to find someone else. I have names but just have not gotten off of my butt to call!

And Faith is right. If you are unable to drive anymore due to the cataracts, then you really need to have the surgery.

UCKibs - Styes, along with a whole bunch of other nasty infections, can definitely form because of dirty contacts. I don't wear contacts, but I do have severe dry eyes. I get the occasional stye, and in my case it is caused by clogged oil glands, which cause dryness.

About me, my eyes are just TERRIBLE. My right eye keeps feeling like there is something in it, even though I know there isn't. I keep seeing a string of mucus across my field of vision, (sometimes I get it in the left eye too), but when I go to pull it out I can't find it. I don't know where it is hiding itself! I feel it in my eye, and it is making my vision blurry but I can't get it! Usually they stick themselves in the corner of my eye and I can grab it with the q-tip. I want it out! It is so irritating! I've been feeling it and seeing it in my field of vision for days but I can't get it out. I might have to try to get in to see the eye doctor sooner than next week, because the eye is really starting to hurt. They'll get me in to see him with no problem, but I just don't feel like wating in the office for hours!
Awwwwwwwm thanks for all of your concern guys. Actually, the right eye does feel slightly better for the past few hours, so I am hoping that it turned the corner. The left one is starting up with me now though! It feels like the right one does! But it is also very itchy. :( I am going to have to start using the really thick drops in that eye too. Actually, I don't even like those. I like ointment better. I am going to have to get another tube of HYpoTears ointment, unless there is one in the bathroom that I haven't found yet. The thing that concerns me is that the vision in the right eye has been a little blurry, which could be from the damage to the cornea. Maybe I'll ask him to give me a vision test when I go on tuesday. I know he'll want to check it out.

Tony, I hope that your doctor's appointment goes as well as you want it to. I hope he is willing to listen this time, and maybe at least give you an idea of when he might do the cataract surgery.

My eyes have been really crusty too, but I don't think I'll be trimming my eyelashes! I've got enough problems! My luck would be that I'd trim them and the pieces that I cut off would fall into my eye!

You guys will have to hold down the fort for a day or two. I have to go to the college tomorrow and see about re-enrolling for January for my Master's Degree, and I have to call the school that I worked at last year and see what they have for me for september! Tuesday I have to go to the eye doctor, and I may have someone drive me to Brooklyn if my eye hurts too much, so I can go to the school in person. And I want to really let my eyes rest. But it is just so hard to stay off of the computer!

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