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Best, dry eye drop
Sep 25, 2005
I have tried every eye drop I could for my dry eyes but this has to be the best for me. This is how I use it and it has brought my right eye back to the way it felt before surgery. It's called Dakrina but I must not over use it. That means if I use it TOO much, it leaches out the eye, so I use it a maxium of 5 to 6 times a day. There will be a few times in between that I will want to over do with the drops, but I don't if I want it to work. I Also try not to use other over-the-counter drops with Dakrina. especially ointments because that interfers with its success. I had a hard time adjusting to this regiment but after I did I finally received it's benefits. Dakrina is for daytime and I use it's sister drop, Dwelle, for sleep. My nite routine is one or two drops of Dwelle in each eye, then one or two slow full blinks then don't open my eyes untill I wake up or if they get dry again during the nite(then repeat the process). You will get crusty eyelashes. My problem is lasik surgery on dry eyes.\
I also never heard of Dakrina. My eye doctor just put me back on Restasis (prescription). I also use Systane (over counter) eye drops whenever I need to supplement Restasis, which can be used as often as needed.
Hi, I noticed that Dakrina is best for day and Dwelle is best for nite. I noticed that one is suited best for day and the other for night.

Let me know how the drops are working for you. I know how misserable dry eyes are and I hope they work for you as they did for me. GOOD LUCK
Missy, My lasik surgery was 4 years ago. These eye drops have reduced the dry eye effect in my right eye to almost normal. My left eye had complications and I am still using the drops and hoping for the best for my left eye. These eye drops are non-irritating for my sensitive eyes. Dakrina and Dwelle have never caused me any discomfort. Stick with Dakrina day time and Dwelle nite. GOOD LUCK Ettna
Hi, I did cheat a little with the nite ointment for the first couple of days while using the day drop Dakrina, but eventually I went to Dwell for nite. The first two weeks I saw improvement but since I have been on the drops for two months now, my right eye has improved dramatically. I feel as though my right eye is normal now, but since my left eye was torn during lasik surgery it will never be normal again, but at least I have one eye that is normal now. I hope these drops work for you. Please keep in touch, I am interested in you progress. ettna
Got my free samples of the drops this afternoon. I got a box of Dakrina, Dwelle, and Nutratear to try. I only had to pay $4.75 to get 3 boxes of samples.

Just put in a drop of Dwelle - it stung my eyes for a few minutes after I put it in, but not too bad. I'm going to try using them for a few days and see how they work.
I prefer Dakrina for the day and Dwelle for nite. Dakrina seems to me like it is more healing and Dwelle is more for nite comfort. that is my experience. I am anxious to hear how these drops work for you. I do so hope they give you some comfort and relief. Please keep in touch. I wish you the best. ettna
Hi, I am glad you have received these drops and I hope they work for you. I had lasik 4 years ago and Dakrina is the only relief I had received since then. I believe (my opinion) that if I would of used Dakrina after my surgery then maybe my eyes would of healed better. Im not sure about the relationship between a womens period and her dry eyes. I hope all goes will with you. Let me know how things are going.

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