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Re: !#@$%!
Oct 11, 2005
I hope you didn't get any of that bad gas. That can really damage a car.

I have decided that when I get some money I am going to search for that mechanic that we like (they are VERY slow with paying substitute teachers. We're usually two pay periods behind everybody else.) It's not hard just to drive by his place and see if he is still around. If not, I may bring it where my friend brings her car. She seems to like them there. My guys have had their last chance with this particular problem.

You know, getting back to my eyes, I have a question - Why is it that even though I put ointment in my eyes and on my lids at night before I go to sleep, I wake up every morning with dry, goopy eyes? Isn't the ointment supposed to prevent that? I usually wake up around 6am to go to the bathroom, and then if nobody calls me to work, I fall back to sleep until about 10 or so. When I wake up at 6, there is white stringy stuff coming out, but no more ointment in my eyes. I have to put in more before I can go back to sleep.

My eyes are very tired and itchy today. :( They look really red in the lower eyelids too. :mad:

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