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Missy - Here is my situation: For about the first 3 weeks, I only seemed to have tired and dry eyes at night. I was expecting this, so I was not worried. It just kinda felt like my contacts had been in too long. I was more worried about the strange glare that I had in only my left eye. When I looked directly at lights or at windows or something everything was all hazy and cloudy around them. I think my 4th week was my first bad week with dryness. My allergies were bothering me, and I think that may have caused it. They were sore and burning and itchy, and everytime I blinked it hurt. No matter how often I used drops, they did not seem to help. I started using the ointment at night, and in a few days it seemed to clear up. At some point around 4 weeks, the glare went away (yay!), but the vision in my left eye started regressing (i started at 20/15 in that eye, but at one point was down to 20/30). After this, I had about 2 good weeks where everything felt good, and I thought I was recovered. So, you can imagine how freaked out I was when I started having dryness issues again!

Now they felt kinda sticky and I swear I could hear myself blink! Any kind of moving air bothered them and I felt I was trying to blink constantly to stay comfortable. Looking at my computer screen or watching TV was pretty rough too. They also felt like something was in them...gritty I guess you could say. At my 2 month check up, the doc did a tear breakup test (to see at what point in between blinks my eyes started to develop dry spots) and I was at 3 seconds in each eye. He said that normal was 10-12. He recommended flax seed oil and told me to use the drops more often. For some reason I didn't feel like he was overly encouraging...I just don't think he has a very good bed side manner. He also started talking about having an enhancement in my left eye since it had regressed. I was thinking "Is this man crazy???!!!" At that point I would have done anything to undo this surgery, the last thing I wanted was to go and mess with my eye again! Anyway, I left the appt. in tears.

The next month was up and down. My bad days were pretty much the same, but I was also getting upset alot at that point, and I think that made them even worse. It felt like when I tried to open my eyes wide my eye lids were all dry and crusty like. I'm not sure how to describe it..but it just felt really dried out up there. The week I had my 3 month check up was a "good week". He did the tear break-up test and my left eye was at 6 and my right eye was at 10!! I was pretty happy with the improvement but still didn't understand the fluctuation, and he couldn't really explain it to me either. The test results were encouraging, and I thought maybe I was finally over this! A few days later, they felt bad again :(. Kinda sticky and like something was in them still. At about 3.5 months I made the appt with the other doc to try to find out what the heck was going on! That is when I started using the ointment at night and tried to stick to a stricter drop schedule. She seemed to think that my eyes just had not stabilized and a more agressive approach was necessary to finally kick the dryness problem!

Today is exactly 4 months for me. When they hurt now, they feel like something is in them. Alot of times it feels like stuff is in the corners of my eyes. When they are like that I notice that my eyelids are very red inside. However, I dont' seem to have as many problems in situations with wind or moving air. I'm also more comfortable watching TV and using my computer. I'm still blinking more frequently than before surgery, but not like I was at the 2 month mark. They also still feel sticky sometimes when I blink but not as often. However, my eye lids don't feel as dried out and crusty like they used to. On my bad days, they are usually ok in the morning, but get worse as the day goes on. My good days now are better than before. Not only am I comfortable, but my vision is alot sharper than before I think. This must mean that the dryness is getting less and less.

Other things I've noticed...I dont' seem to need to wear my goggles around as much anymore. Also, for a while there, I swear I was in bed by 9 every night. There were nights when I just felt like I could not keep my eyes open any longer. However, in the past few weeks, I have had several late nights, and seemed to do OK.

So, overall, yes there have been improvements. Like you mentioned, it is the fluctuations that drive me nuts and make me think that anything can happen! It's like I feel like I'm healing and then unhealing or something! I guess maybe our eyes are just extra sensitive right now, and can get set off my alot of things.

I think you are right about the not feeling better until things are completely healed. I pay so much attention to my eyes now, that I'm always finding something wrong! And since I'm so stressed over this, any feeling besides completely normal is upsetting to me because it reminds me that I put my eyes at such a risk! I think from what we've both described, we have both made progress. I didn't realize how much until I actually started typing it out, so I'm really glad we compared stories!

As for the stress and worry...uggghhhh. Depression is the pits. I know a positive attitude can go along way with my healing and with me getting on with a normal life while I am healing, but it is very challenging. Like you said...if I only knew that someday I would be all better, it would be so much easier! Well, I've rambled enough, so I will stop now. I hope that you are having a good day :). Try to stay positive!

Oh Missy!

Please don't be sad! That story about losing 40% of our corneal nerve density and all...I've read that one too! I read it months ago on a message board, and it freaked me out. I can attribute a large part of my anxiety to that darn story!!!!!! Then, you know how I said that I had that really negative response to my request for encouragement on that other message board? Well, it was the same person! That same story about the study at the mayo clinic! I think that person is just really disgruntled and is posting everywhere. Everyone on that other message board is speaking up trying to get them kicked out because they are responding to everyones questions with the same cut and paste about how we have ruined our lives forever!!!!! If it is any consolation, one of the doctors there responded and said that a follow up study showed that at 5 years post-op, the nerves were back to their before surgery state!

Anyway, please don't let that freak you out! I'm having a rough day too and I'll include you in my prayers (which are very frequent!!). My eyes are all worked up from them being itchy yesterday. I don't even know if they are dry today or not, but my eyelids are just so worn out from yesterday it hurts every time I blink! Better days are ahead though!!!!

Happy thoughts only!!!!!!!!! :)


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