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You are very welcome. :) How did the MRI go?

The spots you are seeing could be floaters. I had that with the optic neuritis too. I also had double vision. I was driving to work one morning on the expressway and I thought it was really weird that the car in front of me had two license plates, one right next to the other. Then I started looking around me and I realized that I had started seeing two of *everything*! I was already in the middle of the IV steroid treatment because I was already having an exascerbation of the MS. I was only supposed to be on 500mg for three days, but when this happened, my neurologist increased it to 1000mg for five days and told me to stay home from work. It was only by the grace of God that I made my way across 4 lanes of rush hour traffic and get off of the expressway and was able to pull over without killing myself and everyone else on the road with me! I had to call my parents to come and get me and take my car.

The good thing is that even when I had it the first time and I didn't go on the steroids, it went away on its own. (but it wasn't quite as severe as it was the second time around.) My vision returned to normal both times. During both attacks I had A LOT of floaters that were just as you described - little black things that came in and out of my field of vision. I saw things that looked like hundreds of mosquitoes flying around! Especially when I looked straight into the light. I also could not get a good focus on anything with the affected eye. I couldn't read road signs that were right in front of me. But if I closed the affected eye, I could see perfectly with the other one. I have had it in both eyes. The first time I had it, I had it in the right eye. Then a few months later, the whole right side of my face got numb. I couldn't taste or feel anything on the right side of my mouth. That's when I went to a neurologist and insisted on an MRI. (My eye doc wanted me to see one right away, but I was a little stubborn and thick headed!) Then when I got it after I had already been diagnosed, it was in the left eye, and it happened after my left arm started to turn numb and tingly. The first time it went untreated and it went away on its own. It just took much longer. The second time I was on the IV steroids and it went away rather quickly. I'd say within a few days. But we also treated it immediately.

It was very very scary though. I knew what it was the second time around. That was when I was driving and could have killed myself! I pulled over and called my parents, and then called the ophthalmologist. I was very upset that it was happening AGAIN! It is a very difficult thing, because you don't have any clue when your vision is going to come back, and if it is ever going to come back to normal.

I have had terrible dry eyes for about 4 years now. I dealt with corneal abrasions and ulcers, and all kinds of eye infections. So the Optic Neuritis was just the icing on the cake for me!

I never had perfect vision. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 8. But the Optic Neuritis is just so different from any other vision changes I have experienced, because it happens so suddenly, without any warning. And it is so much more severe. Nobody would believe it unless they have had it.

Have you made an appointment with a neurologist yet? When did they say the MRI results will be in? Do you have a follow-up appointment with the ophthalmologist?

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