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Scratched eye??
Oct 19, 2005
I am an avid contact lens wearer and yesterday afternoon, my left eye felt like it had sand in it. I took the contacts out and wore my glasses for the rest of the evening, but I could not get rid of that feeling of sand from my eye. Eventually my eye got really red - bloodshot - and painful. I could see the blood vessels in my eye so I went to the hospital when the whole eye started swelling. Initially, I thought I might have pink eye, but the doctor told me that she thinks the surface of the eye may have been scratched from debris...I'm on anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, but it still feels like there is sand in my eye...The doctor was not able to see any visible scratches/cuts but suggested it might be too small to detect and she pretty much ruled out, (and forgive my spelling for the term) "eye-ritis" because my vision is fine and I'm not overly sensitive to light. If debris really did scratch my eye how do I know if it is gone? How long will it be before I feel relief from the medication? Please's my eye...I hope it isn't serious.
Re: Scratched eye??
Oct 20, 2005
Hi, thank you both for your responses.

The doctor mentioned that although she may not be able see the scratch, it could just be really small. With the lack of a discharge from the eye and fact that light sensitivity was not an issue, she was leaning towards the scratch theory. My eye feels much better right now, although it is still red and I'm finding that it feels tired and heavy at times. I wonder if it could be the drops making it feel like this.

I'm seeing my optometrist tonight - something that was scheduled before this happened - and we'll see if he has anything to suggest. It's weird the "sand in the eye" feeling is still there although not as much as two days ago.

Thanks again for your insights...I feel a little less panicked...for now. ;)
Re: Scratched eye??
Oct 26, 2005
hi everyone,

Well, I've been to my optometrist and he said that even though I have been taking the drops a couple days, my cornea is still pretty swollen. He has advised me to take the antibiotic drops until completely finished and to stop wearing my contacts for 3 weeks afterwhich he'll re-examine. I thought he would have put the pupil dialating drops in to see things for himself but he didn't. He said he isn't really sure if there is an infection or if it is a scratched eye, but the fact that my eye lids were pretty swollen was a little strange to him. What does this mean??? Are there no theories as to what happened? I'm not sure what's going on at this point, but I guess the main thing is that I'm feeling much better.

My eye is no longer red, I am continuing the drops, but every now and then it does still hurt a bit. I'll be following up with him in three weeks.

Thanks again for all of the input everyone. These healthboards are very helpful.

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