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Hi everyone!

Tony - Try to hang in there with the streaks and starbursts and all. I know how frustrating the recovery period can be, but you are still pretty early and hopefully in time everything will work itself out. I hope that the new drop that they are putting you on helps out! I think we've all been there with our crazy docs though, and it certainly can drive a person nuts!

Elyse - Glad to hear that your infection cleared up! :) Now, if only your sinuses would follow closely behind! I really hope that they do get to feeling better soon, then hopefully your eyes will feel a bit better too.

Hi Faith and Missy - I hope that you guys are both doing well today.

I had another pretty good day. I'm trying some new drops and so far I like them. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm just having a few good days and it probably has nothing to do with anything new I'm trying! I've learned from experience that my eyes are just gonna do whatever they want, whenever they want, and there is nothing I can do about it! Anyway, have any of you tried Dr. Holly's drops (Dakrina, Dwelle, and Nutratear). I was concerned about trying them because they have a preservative. However, I've heard so many good things about them, so I decided to give them a try. Apparently the preservative is very mild, and isn't even supposed to irritate the most sensitive eyes, so we shall see. It certainly would be nice to be able to use tears out of an actual bottle instead of those darn individual vials. Those darn little droppers are taking over my life! They are all over my car, my house, my office, I find them in the strangest places. I guess it is my fault for not properly discarding them after I use them, but sometimes I'm just ticked off and kinda throw them, especially when I'm in my car. At home and work, maybe sometimes my aim is just off when I'm going for the garbage can or something. I almost busted my vaccum because it tried to suck one of them up the other day. In years to come, when hopefully my eyes are all better, I will probably still be finding little Systane droppers stuck down in my car seat, in coat pockets, underneath my desk, etc.! They should make a movie...attack of the preservative free eye droppers! :D

Michelle :)

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