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Don't worry Tony, I can't smell anything anyway so it doesn't matter if your breath is bad. :p

Michelle, how did the eye doctor appointments go? Did you get plugs?

Well, I don't know how well the glasses shield is helping with the dryness and the cold weather, but I'll tell you something. I have a big problem with sun glare and bright light, especially when I am driving and they have cut down on that A LOT, being that they have dark lenses. Even my transitions lenses don't help this much. So I think I am going to give him the money for them when I go there tomorrow and that way I can try it for a few more weeks and see how they help the irritation from the weather. At the very least it is helping with the sunglare. I never realized how light sensitive my eyes have become until I put this on while I was in the bright sunlight, and I noticed how much more relaxed my eyes felt. I feel like I am straining them by struggling to see in the bright light. The thing is, that even mild sunlight sometimes bothers me, and I realize that now that I have tried out the shield with these dark lenses. I put them on yesterday and today when I was driving, and I didn't have to squint to see in the sunlight, and my eyes just didn't get as tired or hurt as much from me straining to see in the bright light. Hazy days are good because the sun is not really out. But when there is not a cloud in the sky and it is a beautiful day, I think it is too sunny for me. And now that the sun is rising later and setting earlier, I am driving to work during sunrise and coming home during sunset, and that makes for some MAJOR glare! Hopefully I will get a double benefit from this and the shield will not only help with the sunlight but with the irritations from wind and cold as well. I think I will buy the pair that I have now with the dark lenses, and also a pair with regular lenses for cloudy days and indoor use.

I also got a big, huge splinter in the bottom of my foot on wednesday which had to be injected with Lidocaine (OUCH!!!!) and cleaned out by the podiatrist. So now I am on Zithromax orally so that doesn't get infected. I am hoping that the Zithromax will also get rid of my sinus infection and that will ensure that I don't get pink eye! I see the ENT doctor tomorrow so I hope he agrees with that!

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