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Below is a list of all the symptoms that im having. Ive been to tons of eye specialist and other eye doctors and they cant find anything wrong, but i know there is something wrong. I even had a MRI which came back negitive. I also fell off of a horse while at a show. I did hit my head pretty hard but i was wearing a $400 helmet.

Here's the symptoms im having:

-Vision distortion in the right eye; it makes everything look big. This was caused when my frames broke and i had my lenses but into a new frame. Thats when i started to notice within an hour that the right lens was making everything look big. After wearing them for a week and a half (had to because i was on vacation) my right eye would make everything big with or without the glasses on. it still does this even though i have new glasses.

-Large amount of floaters, sometimes i'll see some that are small, round and a dark greyish color

-High light sensitivity

-Color gets light in both eyes ( MOSTLY THE RIGHT) when exposed to light. It looks like the color has been washed out of everything.

-It always feels puffy around the right eye

-Right eye is dry and it hurts/stings where the tear duct is

-When i blink sometimes theres a blurry coating covering my eyes

-I might be seeing flashes of light

-I tilt my head to the right and i look down alot ( i carry my head down)

-The right eye strains faster then the left

-I have a very hard time focusing on alot of things at once

-My coordination seems off

-I keep my face about 4-8 inches from a book or when writing, etc.

-I see blue-greenish halos around lights

-I cant judge distances or the size of things

-Night glare; lights glare alot

-Difficulty adjusting to light

-I dont like to look at light; i prefer the night or dark.

-I have pain on the right side of my nose

-I hear a ringing sound in my right ear and sometimes the left. Ive also had this bass like sound too.

-I get this sharp pain on the top of my head

-Pulling, pain and pressure when i look some what far up, down, left and right

-Mild eye pain in right eye

-I always have pressure on the right side of my fore head, eyebrow area, around right eye.

-Feels like theres this cold fluid in my right forehead

-I had my eyes dilated 5 times within 3-4 months :eek: and the last time a had them dilated, a couple of days ago, both of my eyes got very red and bloodshot and after the drops had been in for more then a hour my right eye was still blurry and my left was fine. Then later on i noticed my pupil size was different. my right pupil was still very big and the left was normal. This feaked me out alot.

Thats pretty much it. Ive been runing all around from doctor to doctor and they say theres nothing wrong. But they there looking for the obvious things. And plus whenever i go they always do poor and sloppy jobs when looking at my eye. I think that i got the vision distortion from when i had my lenses put into a new frame, but i think iim having all of these other problems to from when i fell off of the horse.

But if anyone had an idea of what this could or might be please post.

I forgot to add im 15, and that im trying to go to a neuro-ophthalmologist or a neurologist.


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