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Hey guys ..let me first off give a brief history...I wore soft contact lens for 2 years..till I noticed a couple of prominent blood vessels forming..took the contacts out and it didnt get worse..tried to put them back in..same problem red veins getting really red...put the contacts aside...I had no problems for 2 months..till I developed extreme eye irritation and more prominent blood vessels...I went to see a ocular surface specialist (Dr. Tseng) ...and everything was ok...tear production was good..but this problem is very disabling..and he told me it was due to exposure and wanted to narrow the closure of my lids...but I knew this was not the problem..because when i watch tv...or the cpu..or even go outside my eyes burn..and the inner lids are very inflammed when i pull them down...I have noticed one thing though...if i put in artificial tears..they calm down temporarily..but still quiets down the thinking tear evaporation might be an issue...even though my eyes are full of red veins...I then talked to creator of the Boston Sceleral lens..and he told was eye irritation and didnt recommend me closing the lids...I am going to see him for a consultation on monday and praying that this lens will help me out..he said irritation is due to the sensitive cornea not the white scelera...and even if it was an exposure problem ..the lens covers the well see what happens..I just want to get the problem under control...and stop the blood vessels from becoming more prominent and be able to go outside and sit in im praying that this will be my miracle..what do u guys think..any of u try this lens???


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