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Tony, I am so sorry to hear about your family problems. But I know that you and Barb will come out of it on top, cause you are together.

I wish the doctor would have had more of a definitive answer. I know it is hard to remember all of the questions you need to ask, especially when your mind is elsewhere. Maybe you could make a list of questions for your next appointment. Have you thought of possibly going to another ophthalmologist, just for a second opinion? Maybe you need to get someone else's view. As much as I love my ophthalmologist, and as wonderful as he is, I went for second, third and fourth opinions when I first began having problems. It was my doctor who sent me to see his friends.

Faith, I get all kinds of sinus problems and it definitely does bother my eyes. It makes them feel achy and tired. It hurts to even move my eyes to look around when I have a bad sinus headache.

Missy, did I read correctly? Are your eyes feeling better?

I know the winter weather is not helping me. My whole face is dry. I don't know what kind of lotion to use though. I usually use just plain vaseline on my cheeks, cause that won't hurt my eyes if it happens to get in them. (A lot of eye ointments are made from a base of petrolatum anyway.)

I think I'm suffering because of the wind today. It is soooooooooooo windy here! This morning the wind was so bad that it was actually pushing me down the street! But, I was smart. I had my Fit Overs on before I got out of the car. They do a pretty decent job of shielding my eyes from the wind. But they don't keep out the cold, and that's bad enough! The skin around my eyes gets severely irritated from the bitterly cold weather we're having now. I put ointment on my eyelids and around my eyes but it doesn't really prevent the irritation.

I better get off of the computer now and give my tired eyes a rest! Tonight was the first night of the new semester of grad school for me, and I am going to be doing A LOTTTTTTT of reading over the next few months. I need to get a magnifying glass though so I don't have to strain my eyes, cause the print in the text book is so teeny! The first chapter is 51 pages! EEK!

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