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For years now I have been seeing trails, especially at night when I walk into the house after being outside, but not always. Now that has gotten worse. Also, now I have been having a lot of blurry vision on and off during the day and night. I have no idea what the heck is going on but now I am getting a little concerned.......anyone out there have any idea what this may be?????
And thank you for taking time to read this, it is my first time posting here ;)
Do you mean trails like wisps of smoke or black threads?
this could be something to do with clouding of the liquid inside your eye - up to a certain point depending on your age and health, it can be normal - but I would suggest you visit an opthamologist and have a really good check up.
yes I have the same thing! I just went to the neo two days ago the blood vessel in behind my eyes are swollen thats why I see trails they are going to a spinal tap on me tomorrow to relive the pressure I'm very scared they sent me to a eye spec they did all kinds of test I find out the result tomorrow
before I get the spinal tap.Please go to the neo have them look in your eyes
tell them you have a headace and then tell them about your eye problems!!!!!
Do your eye's burn when you shut them?My do very Bad!A normaly eye doctor wont be able to tell you what is wrong with you!!!!Dont let it go you could loose you eye sight! That's why I they said I need to get the spinal tap!
good luck please go it took me two years to find this out!!!!!
anyone do any LSD or ecstacy?

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