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Hello - You said "It's great that you know so much about RCES and that you are helping people. " Well, I don't want to come off as pedogogical and can only relay my own personal experience. Everyone on this board has a lot to offer.

You said - "I was able to awaken while keeping my eyes closed last night." Were you able to put artificial tears in and feel them in your eyes before opening your eyes?

You said: "I am going to practice this and hopefully master it so that next time I have an erosion this method will prevent the tearing of the epithelium." This method should prevent erosions and if you do get one then keep your eyes closed, don't blink and add artificial tears. You should really think of the epithelium not so much as "tearing" but rather as "shades of gray" or in other words how "thick" or how "thinned out" it is. The longer you go without an erosion or the LESS severe the erosion the "thicker" the epithelium will become.

You said - "I have prednisone drops that my current Dr. prescribed me." Should you decide to use them, I would say only do so under a doctor's care. I've read that the standard Doxy/Steroid combo is 2 weeks for the steroid and 2 months on the doxy but I'm not sure of the dosage for the steroid. Check with your MD. Many go on the doxy longer because it's well tolerated by the body but as with any antibiotic women can get yeast infections.

You said: "That has been a while ago and I only use them the day of an erosion now." The idea is to prevent erosions by adding artificial tears before moving the eyelid when you awaken. But, if you get an erosion you can minimize it by adding lots of artificial tears and keeping your eyes closed and relaxed for 15 minutes. Then once you start your day, you can add a little warmed Muro every 4 hours or so which I believe helps a lot more than artificial tears. Perhaps you should discontinue Muro drops if they are not doing you any good. I stopped using them a long time ago but I still use the ointment all the time at night and once in a while during the day.

You said - "Should I use artificial tears during the day just to keep my eyes lubricated or do you only suggest the muro ointment. I did notice a difference after I warmed the ointment. It went in more as a blob instead of a little snake of goo."

I would use the ointment. You may even notice that if you heat it up really warm/hot it almost goes in as a liquid...almost...If you apply around 1/8 - 1/4 inch and then just wipe off the excess you should have no trouble wearing makeup at all.

You said: "How does the ointment lubricate the eye if it is in fact used to dehydrate the eye?" It sounds like a paradox I know but it works for most. I would use only warm ointment at night and not use artificial tears but definitely use the artificial tears upon awakening. I personally like Refresh Tears.

You said - "Could you put the ointment in and then a bunch of artificial tears in before bed. That way fluid won't accumulate between the basement membrane and the epithelium but the lid would still be moist? Just an idea." Frankly, I just would not worry too much about fluids and excess dryness and what you do 8 hours before you awaken....I would recommend using an ointment like Muro but after that frankly I believe what you do right before you awaken is what will determine whether you get an erosion. Many of us sleep with our eyes just slightly open which causes the eye to severly dry out. Just add the artificial tears and you will be fine. You can't get an erosion if you don't move your eyelid. If you do get an erosion just keep your eyelid as still as possible and get lots of artificial tears in asap.

You said - "Am I at risk for my right (good) eye to get this?" It's possible - I think my left eye has had that "dry" feeling about 6 months after my right had the finger poke injury. But, I never had an erosion in my left eye because I now just apply the same techniques that I do to my right eye. It's not bad at all once you learn to manage it.

You said: "Do you think getting a humidifier for my bedroom would be wise?" It may help but again I think all those other things are just little things and it's the artificial tears that will make all the difference. Regarding the flaxseed, I use it but nowadays I use it more for a "heart healthy" diet since it is suppose to lower cholesterol and stuff like that. If it helps with RCES then great but I don't think it's going to be the "magic bullet."

You said: "What exactly does PTK entail?" it's surgery with the laser that basically burns off the epithelium so that a new one can grow back. Considering this requires finding a doctor who is really skilled in the process and has done a lot of them. The one benefit that many get out of this is improved vision if they are nearsighted. Just like the benefit of doxycycline (and flaxseed too) is they are also good for acne.

Personally - I would just start with trying the Muro at night and the artificial tears in the morning. You cannot get an erosion if you keep your eyelid still and add the drops first. This will start the healing process. It takes at least a year to really get healed. It's a process but just continue to avoid the erosions and you will heal. You can always supplement that with doxycycline but I think a steroid may be premature...check with your doctor.

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