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I've been wearing Acuvue for as long as I can remember. My opthalmologist put me on antibiotic drops and told me to keep them out for 2 wks due to redness and irritation. It's been like that for awhile but he didn't like what he saw. Now I'm out to buy new glasses and need suggestions besides lightweight lenses. My Rx is -775 and-675 so it's strong. Will anti-glare help diminish the "look" of the lens or just make it less noticeable? As it is, it'll be expensive so I want to add only what will make my glasses look less thick. I'll go for the "featherweight" lenses but what else? I'll also pick a smaller, narrower frame.

Also, my eyes are dry according to Dr. so he wants to see what the deal is in 2 wks. He mentioned Oasys lenses but they only go up to -600 from what I can see. I dont' know if he noticed that. What are my other options for dry eye? I really don't want to give up contacts! He also mentioned something about plugging up my tear duct so the wetness stays inside. Anyone have this done?

I wore glasses from age 10 to mid 50's, with 10 years off in the middle wearing "Stone-age" contacts (the hard, non-gas permeable kind).

My prescription was very similar to yours until my recent cataract surgery.
And I loved my glasses.

Don't just get any ol' kind of "high index" (light weight and thin). Get the most expensive, thinnest, lightest grade you can. It makes a big difference if you get the cheap or the middle-priced, so go for the high end.

The anti-reflective coating is a "must" too. When your lenses are thick, there are reflections you actually see on the lens from one side to the other when you're sitting by a lamp reading. The anti-reflective coating blocks this from happening. It also allows you to make direct eye contact with people when you're having a conversation. For my job that is/was a must-have.

The wider the lens, the thicker and heavier it will be on the outer edges, so don't go for the really wide rectangular frames they're starting to show now. I prefer rimless or metal frames because I don't like seeing the edge of a dark frame. When you're very nearsighted, you do notice those things. But my nearsighted boss just got heavy, dark frames and seems to like them. They would drive me batty.

I also have to have spring hinges and adjustable, non-slip nose pads, mostly because my ears are ridiculously sensitive to any pressure. My nose doesn't feel anything, so they can balance/grip it as firmly as necessary. You might be opposite with regards to ear/nose sensitivity. Either way, it's something to consider.

The spring hinges are nice for anyone, but even more so if you have a strong prescription and are going to put the glasses on before you get out of bed and not take them off again til you turn out the light. It allows you to put them on top of your head if you're sleeping in a train, or even fall asleep with them on and not tweak them out of shape. I prefer the spring hinges to the titanium frames with "memory" because my ears are at different heights and I don't want the frame to be "remembering" a perfectly symmetrical shape.

Obviously I could babble on more, but this should be enough for you to get started.
Happy frame shopping! It really is fun! :wave:

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