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SP, my eyes have been dry and itchy for 5 years. Just when I started developing all of my auto-immune problems, they became very symptomatic. I've tried just about everything over the years to get my body properly balanced. But I can't use homeopathic herbs and stuff because of my auto-immune problems. They can make it worse. My hormones seem to be pretty well in balance (although my cycle has been off, but that's a topic for another board!)

Anyway, I went back yesterday to have my pressure checked. Now, on saturday he checked it at about 12:00 in the afternoon and it was 26. Yesterday, he checked it at about 5:00 and it was 22. He said that is on the very high end of "normal", but he was not at all convinced that I had made any significant improvement. He firmly believed that the pressure only went down a little bit because of the difference in the time of day. He said that had it been in the morning, it probably still would have been around the same. So next week I am going at 9:30am. That'll give a more accurate measurement of my progress. My pressure is usually anywhere between 12 and 15. So 26, or even 22, is a MAJOR difference!

So, since he wasn't thrilled with 22 either, he took away the TobraDex ointment that I had been putting on my eyelids. He thinks that should do the trick, and then we'll go from there.

The other good news :rolleyes: is that he thinks I have a low-grade eye infection from being weaned off of the steroids. Hence the unusually severe itching I've been having since yesterday and the redness and puffiness. So, here we go with anti-biotic drops again. 3 days, 4 times a day and see him in a week for a pressure check and follow up for this stupid infection.

So now I've just got my FML (fluorometholone) ointment left, and he said that if the pressure doesn't come down, I'll have to give that up too. I jokingly told him that the only way he's taking that from me is if he pries it from my cold, dead hands!

Still waiting for the miracle, cure all eyedrop here. :(

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