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Today is the first sunny, blue skied day in ages - and I'm noticing more floaters because of it. There's probably about 20, but it's hard to tell because some are dots, some are circles, some are strings - and they all move about so fast and the stringy ones change shape as they go. I was looking into a clear part of the sky trying to count them and noticed if I let my vision concentrate on one spot, little flashing lights like when you are 'seeing stars' appeared. I tried it a few times and they kept appearing. Then I was trying to see if the floaters were worse in one eye than the other. I covered my right eye and stared at the sky with my left and noticed a strange thing in the middle of my eye - it's hard to describe, but it was like a cloudy black movement. I didn't see it in the other eye. This reminded me of a few weeks ago when I was lying down with my eyes closed, I could see a sort of pattern on my left eye. It was like a sort of 'vortex' pushing its way round the outside of my vision semi-clockwise. I'm really worried about this now.

Should I go to my GP or optician with this? I would liek to try and cut out seeing my GP if at all possible because I have visited him often lately with another issue that remains unresolved and it's my opinion that he has already come to the conclusion that I am a hypocondriact - bringing in this issue to reveal what I have is normal will only worsen this and my other problem is something that petrifies me daily. I'm so sick of worrying about everthing. I am so unsure of these symptoms, although I know I have floaters, lights etc, I only really noticed the floaters after researching online about the peripheral lights.

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