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Bright Spots in Eye
Apr 18, 2006

Let me give some background, I am a 29 yo male. I work as a computer programmer which means I stare at a monitor 8 hours a day - plus normal browsing after work. I do suffer from Migraines (classic with aura - very common in my family, unfortunately for us) and have since I was about 15 (I average 2-3 per year). I also have floaters and what I guess are flashers in both eyes - the floaters have been getting progressively worse since I was in High School - though I do not rememeber when they began - and on any given day do not bother me. The flashers I see when I look at a blue sky or other light BG and almost look like am looking at a TV. I have to try to notice them, though.

However, occasionally I will see bright spots in my eyes when I look at a light background or blink - these spots are like an after image of a camera flash and are [I]always only in one eye [/I]at a time. And they are usually brought on by being out in bright sunshine for too long or staring at my screen for too long - but I can play whole rounds of golf with nothing.

I should note that about 6 months before these things started I went to the neurologist because I was concerned about what turned out to be my migraines I had a MRI (to rule other stuff out) and it was normal. Keep in mind I had had floaters and flashers for a number of years previous.

Anyway, these spots will persist for 5 seconds to the occasional 3-4 days and are not visible unless I blink or unless I move from looking at dark BG to a light one.

I have had this for about 5 years and they come in fits and spurts - which is to say I will not see any spots for a month and then I will see one everyday for a week or so - indifferent spots in my visual field.

4 weeks ago I decided to have a full medical workup (i hadn't been to the doc in two and a half years) - blood tests etc - everything was normal. I told my doc about the visual stuff and referred me to an opthanologist.

I had a full eye exam and everything was normal - including my retina.

When I described it to the eye doctor she told me that what I was describing fell under a large umbrella of "normal" issues that people experience and that though I was on the young side, it was normal. She added that the eye is a big set of electrical impulses and transmitters and some people's eyes can be over stimulated.

She said I did not need to see a neurologist because the spots only appear in one eye at a time which leads her to believe it is eye related.

So I leave - two days later I get one of these phosphene like things in my right eye that was very defined in its shape it was rectangular and at an angle from the center of my eye. It lasted about an hour then went away.

Yesterday the exact same well defined phosphene came back and has yet to go away - though it is not as intense.

This got me thinking - is there a name for this specific phenomenon? It seems to be a little more pronounced than simple "flashers". Yet it does little to affect my vision and thogh diffuse is very inconsistent.

I will be going back to the eye doctor in a year (her suggestion) is there anything I should ask to have specifically checked that a normal eye exam won't pick up?

Also, I have heard of similar issues being caused by lack of blood flow to the eye -any way of testing/ruling this out?

I am not a hypochondriac - but sometimes I read enough about health issues to be dangerous - thanks to anyone who can help.

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