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Strange eye thing?
Apr 24, 2006
Ok, over the last few years, my eyesight seems to come and go, depending on the day... Some days I can wake up and see fine, others everything is blurry... its never blurry enough that I can't see well enough to function... just enough to be uncomfortable. It usually clears up later in the day, and sometimes it comes back, depending on my mood or if I'm tired. I tend to get headaches sometimes, but not bad ones and not constantly. I've been to the eye doctor twice... first I was told I have astigmatism in both eyes, and that it wasn't bad enough to do anything with, and that I would probably require glasses by the time I went to college... (I was a sophomore at the time, currently I'm about to finish my freshman year in college) Last summer, I had them checked again, by a different guy because the other guy quit. Anyways, he told me it was just allergies and gave me a prescription. They keep my eyes from itching, but don't do anything for my vision... does anyone know whats going on with my eyes?

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