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Eye pain
Apr 25, 2006
Last week and this week I have had eye pain off and on, in one eye at a time but never in both eyes at the same time. It would be worse when I would go outside into the sunshine and moving the eyes also made it worse. It felt like it was behind the eye.

For a while I felt like I was getting a stye on my left eyelid, but it never happened. Now, I have something like a pimple (filled with whitish yellow stuff) on the skin below my left eye, in the corner by my nose. It is very sore and the area below the eye is a bit swollen, too.

I am still having some eye pain and I also have a feeling like someone is poking me with a needle on the face every now and then.

I am also running a low grade fever - 99 to 100.

I know this is an odd collection of stuff, but I was wondering if it is all connected and, if so, do I need to call my ophthalmologist? We are trying to close on a house this week and I would like to just not worry about this.


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