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Good question, Ned. I can't really answer it except to say if you can see through the spot it's not as serious as a blind spot. Not much help.
The blow to the head and black eye are suspicious; the fact that you get migraines is suspicious. There is such a thing as a chronic aura, it's called "migraine status". You can look it up. I think if an Amsler grid is used correctly, you should be able to tell if the lines in your peripheral vision are there or not. It probably depends on the distance you hold the grid from your face.
There are migraine auras that are in the brain and affect both eyes and migraine auras that take place in one eye only. These are the true "ocular migraines". They are caused by dilation/contraction of blood vessels in the eye itself. You can do some research on that too. Try the Cleveland Eye Clinic for info.
There are neuro-ophthalmologists out there. Perhaps you can get a referral to one of them.

Good luck,

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