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Please help me
May 22, 2006
Hi there. I'm very embarrassed about my problem. I have Diabetic Retinopathy which started causing a problem about two years ago. I noticed little black 'streaks' in my vision which I thought at the time was something hanging from my eyelashes and I was literally pulling eyelashes out, trying to remove whatever it was. Then my vision got very blurry and I went to the optician and she said that I was having bleeds in the back of my eye and I needed to be seen by the hospital. I had to wait 18 weeks for an appointment and in the mean time I developed white blobs in the centre of my vision especially in the 'good' eye. By the time I was seen at the hospital, they discovered the retinopathy was fairly advanced and started giving me laser treatment every month. My sight gradually got worse in that more white blobs appeared and in my right eye I can now only see a slight image in my peripheral vision. The embarrassing part is that since my right 'good' eye has become my 'bad' eye, I've noticed that the eye dosn't always look straight ahead and instead strays away to the outside. I'm so conscious of this that I don't make eye contact with anyone anymore in case they think I'm not looking at them. Also the eyelid on that side droops really badly now too. I have real problems keeping it open, its very weak. If I'm on the computer or trying to read something, I have to prize it open with my fingers. I know this is a natural reaction by my body to try to use the eye that is still working but its just so humiliating in social situations.

Has anyone else had experience of diabetic retinopathy? Does anyone know of what I can do about the 'wandering' eye and the drooping eye lid? I'm really desperate.

Thank you.

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