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It's like 3 monthes already that im having the most annoying eye pain, that sometimes, to me , is unbearable.
The doc diagnose was that I am suffering from allergic conjunctivitis And til Now he presecribed me like 5 Types of antihistamin eyedrops.
The eye drops may help a little but my eyes are still abit red, and most important hurts and tearing.
I want to mention that the pain is more painful in the right eye and I sometimes also have pain in the upper eyelid .
I`ve been at 4 eye doctors and all they see is the allergic conjunctivitis.
My main questions are:
Could eye allergy cause Pain around the eyes/pain in the upper eye lid?
Could eye allergy cause pain even it's not really red?
Could eye allergy make you be sensitive to light?
Is it possible for someone to have sinsusitis without a stiffy nose?
Could Immunotherapy elliminate my eye allergy?
What diseases causes pain around the eyes and are there any other tests I should ask my eye doctor to take?

Thanks in Advanced.
(I`m a soldier and I am attached to a high amount of the allergans i'm allergic to)

Painfully, Tordek:(

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