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Re: Pinguecula
Jun 1, 2006
Hi Kerry - I too have suffered with these stupid, hideous pings for years now - I have to constantly baby my eyes with drops - but you should not use any kind of drops that constrict your blood vessels - you will definitely get the rebound effect. I have found a drop that does help - Alrex BUT it's a steroid and I try to use it sparingly. I used to have beautiful eyes and now I feel depressed, irritated to always look in the mirror and my eyes look like I've been on a drunken binge! It's very embarrasing and annoying. I get irritated when people tell me - hey why are your eyes so red? I'm also taking flaxseed and eye vitamins. I love in Austin, Texas and love the outdoors but have always worn sunglasses. I would love to hear how your surgery comes out. I have 4 total - but one is really bad. I'm just so scared it will come back worse if I have the surgery. With all the technology we have out there you would think they could come up with something great! Anyway I found this site and it's almost a relief to see I'm not alone with this problem. I constantly look at other people and never see anyone with this problem except for some old fishermen on the coast! I can't imagine going through the rest of my life like this and dating can be daunting when someone wants to look deep into your eyes and their red and irritated. Sometimes they feel fine but I'll look in the mirror and be hit with a wave of anxiety and depression!!! Good luck on your surgery. Tammy

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