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Wondering if anyone else experiences this? I have been to every sort of Dr. from a retina specialist to a optho-neurologist to cardiologist and everything checks out fine-however no one can explain why I get these flashing lights ONLY when I run. I have been told that they are probably ocular migraines but maybe not.

It is just so worrisome that when I run (especially noticable at night or when I finish my morning run and go inside where it is darker) maybe 60% of the time, I get these flashes of light that turn into swirling light in my peripheral vision. Once my heart rate slows down they go away. Maybe within 60 seconds of finishing my run they subside. I usually do not get a headache with them but do get migraines without visual disturbances every now and then. Does this sound like an ocular migraine? Can running trigger ocular migraines? Does not happen when I bike or hike. Sometimes I also notice melting wax image in my peripherial vision when I am outside-is this normal?

Like I said I have been to all sorts of Dr.'s and no one can tell me for sure what this is or why it happens. It just really scares me and makes me hesitant to run! I do have a history of bad sinusitis and wonder if inflammed sphenoid or other sinus cavities could cause disturbance in blood flow to the eyes and result in vision disturbances. I am a very fit and competitive runner and have no other health issues to speak of... Any thoughts? :bouncing:
I been worried about my health too. Lately my eyes been seeing white sparks that move around. Also, when I go out in the sun I get these things that kinda look like camera flashes going inside a vortex or some ish like that. I also do have pressure in the back of my head. I went to my regular doctor and at first it was high blood pressure then he said it was a migrane. The migrane pills ain't working though. Guess I should tell him that the 'sparks' and moving lights is getting worse! My regular eye doc said there is nothing wrong with my actual eye so the eye pains I'm getting could be from bad sinus, like you. The flashes that go in to a tornado type pattern is especially when I run. Happens when I go in and out of the light and dark sometimes.
Please, go and have an eye exam..first with an opthamologist..a medical eye doctor who can tell you if you have anything serious....I was just talking to my mom, about my eyes, today, and she suggested that I go see one, I think that my eyes might be changing...I am 43,and I suddenly woke up with blurred vision...I can't see far away, anymore...I feel like I am going cross-eyed!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: It's VERY disconcerting to me..I am a little scared...because I am the only one in my family that doesn't wear glasses and or contacts at all!
I am scared partly because I used to be able to see, really, really well, and then poof! all of a sudden, I woke up, and I see blurry people, things, grass, etc...I can't see myself in the mirror to well, either! :confused: It's rather frightening. to go from seeing to not seeing well! I really feel for those people that need glasses....they're right, its' a bit scary at times!

I went to see Mission Impossible III and the stuff that they play before the movies, the little stuff about "who did what, when and where etc"....I couldn't read the medium white print on the film! I know that I could before!

I later, went to Barnes and Nobles books stores, to try on those reading glasses, and well, I am definitely not one of those people....I don't need those glasses! I will have to go see a doc'. I have been testing my vision since this has's kind of bothering me, bothering me to the point where I kept mentioning it to my fiance' and he just keeps telling me, "you're going thru the change all the rest of us are going thru!" My mother, says different..she says that I need to quickly get an appt....because it literally could be ANYTHING! SHe was telling me our family history....glaucoma,cataracs, etc....She said," you do NOT want to wait on your eyes, because they could get a whole lot worse..!".
(Look, I am not here to lecture all of you....but, I AM gonna go and find out...because now I am worried...more than I was yesterday, trying to read the little print!)

Please, go and check your eyes,..the flashes of light, could be serious...we also talked a little about that as well.......................My mother said that the flashing has something to do with the liquid that is inside your sometimes breaks loose, and seeps out,and sometimes all you get are just floaters....{but, if you never or almost check it...this is NOT good.!!!!...}.This happening CAN BE serious....and so that is why I said, you SHOULD make an eye appt!

Needless to say, I am going to see an eye doctor,otherwise, I will be randomly looking for hours, "guessing" what it "might be" and or "might not be"! Don't do this to yourself...I have done it before...and it mislead a ton! GO TO A OPTHAMOLOGIST!

Those are my two cents, and extra, no charge!
Besides, I need to go, A.S.A.P.!!!!:blob_fire


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