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I now this reply is abit late, but I think I have the same condition as "Sazy101"
Currently a 25 year old male I have had this condition for approx 8 years now
and it has been very frustrating problem to deal with, some days are slighty better than others but remains irritable on a daily basis.
No matter what season though colder months reduce the puffy eyelids quicker and feels better.

I wake up daily with red, puffy lower eyelids and the inner eyelid itself is red and inflamed which causes the eyeredness and I also as sazy101 have blotchy red face but only for about an hour after having a shower?

I have been to many GP's, optometrists and opthomoligist's but still not happy with my diagnosis or treatment, they have diagnised at as being chronic allergic conjunctivis but I dont believe it is an allergy.

I have pretty tried everything from moving city,s many house's and changing jobs but to nothing worked. When living with this condition I belive that having a clean low allergy houase and work enviroment helps but is deffinetley not the cause of the problem.

I have tried just about every otc and prescription eye drop and the best long term medication that helped was Opticrom which in my opinoun is the Sodium Chromagalytate.

As the same as sazy101 I have been addicted to OTC vasoconstrictors because they seem to be the only real relief and clear up the rebness and itching. Though over the past 2 years have tryed to stay well away from this because when I do use the drops I seem to wake up worse but it feels better when I use them that night, going out, partys etc..

Steriod I drops are great for short term use as any longer I noticed a steady climb in my eye pressures.

Headaches are a regular occurance I am not sure if this is due to the use of eyedrops or not but they can become quite stong.

Now I am still trying to find are cure for my condition or some better relief and I am afraid that my eyes have become over sensitive to these drugs in the eyedrops and therefore either losing the effect or making my condition worse..

I have not meet anyone else that has my condition and I have researched online alot and there are some simirlaritys but not the same, sazy101 is the closest I have come across and would like to know if anyone else has this problem and have they had anyluck in treating it because I have tried everything and it is now getting me down.

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