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I recently went to an eye specialist about seeing white flashes of light in the corner of my left eye (which have gotten worse since my appt). He dialated my eyes and said that it is being caused by the vitreous separating from the retina of my eye. Since my appt., I have started having sinus-like headaches basically everyday. Also, I have a very noticeable, yet subtle, white image in the left corner of my eye that I can only describe as a "static ball" type of image and movement. It's not there all of the time, but often. The only other symptom is that I see a small line of blurriness (similar to when you see the "blurry water" effect on the road in the distance when you are driving. I see this only when I am looking at things like the grass or the bushes, but it is very noticeable then. Sounds very strange, I know. I have a follow-up with the eye doctor, but not for several weeks. Any ideas about what might be going on?
Hi Melissa,

I had the white flashes of light in my peripheral vision many (25) years ago. Also a vision in the same area like fireworks after they explode, cascading down. Real pretty but scared the bejeezus out of me. Opthomologist told me I had "vitreous detatchment", vitreous was separating from my retina, same as you were told. My head used to hurt, too, like a sinus headache, and I sometimes got a glob of gel (vitreous?) on my eyeball that couldn't be blinked away. That would go away by itself but I hated the feeling of something in my eye each time that glob would appear. Never had the "static ball " or "blurry water" vision, though. Anyway, the dr. didn't seem too worried about it, gave me a prescription for some kind of eyedrops and that took care of the problem. Never came back, either. You didn't say if your dr. prescribed drops or anything. Good luck!

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