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Not sure if this falls within vision problems or something else.

Although, it has very little known affect in my life, it's still puzzling why this happens to me at times. Basically, a few times a year at the most, my perception of vision looks/feels different. Everything looks/feels so far away all of a sudden. Certain times, it lasts for nearly and hour. Sometimes it goes away after a few minutes. Anyone know what I'm talking about or what it is that's causing it? The best way I can describe what I feel like I'm seeing is as if I'm looking through a wide angle lens or perhaps a fish eye lens.

To give more specifics, I've had this since I was about 8 years old or so. During that time, I had about three episodes during the night, in which I would wake up utterly terrified. The feeling I had was everything seemed heavy (as if like moving things in water), everything seemed hectic around me, and lastly everything seemed so distant (like looking through a fish eye). I then had it during the daytime when I was already awake. The pages I was turning in a book suddenly felt heavy and unwilling to turn, and the book itself seemed like an arms length away, though it was only a foot or so from me. Then I had another incident during the night again, except I couldn't recall it the next morning. That was the last time it was that extreme. Since then, on and off, I would get this sudden change in vision as if I was looking through a fish eye lens. During my childhood, I had to learn not to get frightened by it, but there's just a hint of fear everytime it happens, even to this day.

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