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Evie4, I am so sorry to hear you had more erosions last night.

So far my new BCL has been very comfortable, day and night. Even so I still didn't dare open my eye without putting some drops in first.

I think a good part of the problem I had previously with the BCL was, as Evie4 described earlier, it was reaching the end of its lifespan. At my last visit my doctor gave me two lenses so I can replace every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks.

Re: the question of wearing at night only, vs. day and night, my understanding is the same as Evie4's, that it affords some protection during the day (if it is not otherwise causing irritation....) and that regular removal and placement could disrupt healing.

Re: how an RCE can happen with a lens in--for me it just feels like it has gotten sticky, and maybe creates a little shearing action against the cornea cell layers. My night time erosions with the BCL in have almost always occurred between 3:20am and 3:50am, while dreaming.

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