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Hi Chuckcap,

Sorry to see you on the board (since it means you're amongest the sufferers) but IT IS great being able to chat about these things and not feel alone. My husband is very sympathetic, but until you experience it and have to live with it I don't think it's something you can imagine very well.

Right now I'm at the point where I still have blurry vision and I'm trying to wait to see if it's going to get better before I change my prescription. I haven't been wearing my contacts or a BCL because the weather and dry heat have caused irritation. Nights have been working out okay, but I literally wake up 2 to 3 times a night and put Refresh Tears on my closed eyes and then gently pulling the lower lid down to allow the tears to get into my eye and lubricate the top. They feel like they are suctioned shut. I have to be careful not to move my eyes under the lids when I turn to reach the eye drops. By morning I can open my eyes without additional tears. I had a dream about a week ago that I was in a class, looking for a seat and my eye felt dry and irritated and I thought "I should put drops in it" and right then I woke up and could feel that distinct feeling of an erosion just waiting to happen. I feel lucky I can wake without opening my eyes first.

Days are good, I can't complain. I did try to wear contacts a few weeks ago and after placing my contact in I felt sharp debris. Luckily I had an anesthetic (for absolute emergency!) so I could get the contact out. I was paralyzed in pain it was so bad. The cornea is so sensitive now. I had great luck with the day/night contacts. Maybe when I feel like things are better I'll try them again, they seemed to fit better and were more comfortable overall. We'll see.

Oh, another thing. I accidently bought and opended the refresh LIQUID GEL. I tried to use it at night but I found that it creates crusty bits when it dries around the eyes. Not the kind of thing you want to get in your eye!!!Fortunately the store let me exchange it.
Hi Sleepless221,

Wouldn't you know, last night when I put the drops on for some unknown reason I moved my eyes up and down twice (while closed) and induced an RCE. I'd say it was a "3" on a scale of "5". Then I slept for about another 5 hours (usually I wake up after a few) and had a "4". I just remember the pain waking me up. Took me about a half hour before my eye stopped running and I was able to keep it still. And I was doing so good!

It is pretty sore this morning and burning a little. I'll keep putting in Refresh drops, maybe take a little Ibuprofen if it starts driving me crazy. I better go buy some extended wear contacts today just in case things get worse.

Looking forward to any news from the medical community on (best ways in) treating this condition.
Well, I scratched my cornea 4 weeks ago, You can say a month ago

I still feel a tiny feeling it's still scratched and whatever, I wake up in the morning with my right eye the scratched one and it's hard to open:dizzy:

Gotta go see the doctor anyways
Chuckcap! Whew! Glad to hear things have been going better for you. I find the stress and anxiety associated with the RCE can get me down at times. I have been doing pretty well also. Because I got a really nasty cold last week, I decided to wear a lens through the weekend and not do the in and out thing. New contacts arrived Friday so I had put in a fresh one Saturday since the one I was using was “old”. I thought I’d give my eye Saturday afternoon free of the contact, but it was irritated and driving me nuts. It felt like something in my eye (I thought maybe something got in when I took the contact out). I went ahead and put the fresh one in to see if that helped and the sensation was gone. Don’t know if the “old” contact had irritated it or my removal was too aggressive—or both or neither. It’s out for the day today and feels great. It’s a fussy little cornea!

Yes, sleeping on the eye/face is out. Whether it really contributed to my RCE or not, I don’t know but it just sounds like a bad idea. I do think that is what happened to me on the airplane though.

If you are like me, two weeks will be the life of the contact. After that it starts feeling desiccated—especially when I wake up in the morning. Drops do little for it. I did experience that with my fresh contact this morning but I think it has something to do with my cold. Everything was dry, throat, sinus, mouth, nose, etc. I’m working very hard at keeping hydrated! (I’m not taking any decongestants either!)
Just reading through the disussion chuck and evie have been having. I thought Id throw some of my experience on the mix. I have been wearing my contact for 5 Months. This is not regarded as long itme by the corneal specialists here in NZ. When I first got it put in, they said they would review it after 3 months and if it went well we'd go for at least 9 months. I have it changed every 2 to three weeks, as with Evie, if it depends on how the contact feels. Sometimes its still fine after 2 weeks, still moist, still comfortable. Other times its quite dry and gritty feeling so Ill get it changed. My optometrist is really supportive and I just walk in and he fits me in for a change. Ive only just started feeling like im getting anywhere with my eye. Although the last two weeks have been a bit rough Ive had no erosions (touch wood) just feeling a bit dry and irritated in that eye. Its been over 12 weeks since I had an erosion. I use refresh single dispense containers (sdc) and for as long as you are using BCL i suggest you use the single dispense as well. Its a hygeine thing. It doesnt take much for a normal bottle of refresh plus liquid to get the tip contaminated even though the ingrediants are the same other than the preservative (carmellose sodium?). The preservative is fine with the contact and RCE its just the risk of contamination that makes me stick with the Single Dispensers. I now only have to use the refresh at night and in the morning. And if im having a rough week maybe once during the day. I use to use it all day long and wake up and put it in in the middle of the night.

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