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Hi astec-
I understand where youre coming from, although Ive never had one grow back (just had one removed). I had the new procedure done on one of my eyes, and so far its been great! It hasnt even been two weeks and you can barely see any redness. I have insurance, but they wouldnt cover it because it hadnt grown onto my cornea YET (so ridiculous). I got mine done at Harvard Eye for $2200, it might be more if yours is bigger. I paid for it myself just because I was so desperate. They have a 0% financing program for one year, which is what I did. I dont need any more debt, but I think its worth it. I know how frustrating it can be, I would look for a good doctor that does the graft procedure w/ glue and see what they say, where are you located?

Christy-As you can see above I am healing really well. I too couldnt wear contacts because of the growths and dry eye. There is a tiny bit of redness still in the inner corner of my eye and the bruise is slightly visible still.
Other than that, my eye is MUCH more comfortable. I would imagine the veins are like that because of the irritation of the contacs and pings, does it look better when you dont wear contacts? I havent really had a problem with veins, there are a few visible, but not too red, then again
I dont wear contacts. The pings themselves would become irritated and would turn red, which is one reason I wanted to remove them. I would think that if you got the ping removed, they would not be as noticable because your eye wouldnt be so irritated, but I guess that would be a question for the doctor.

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