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I receieved a call from my ophthamologist yesterday to give me the results of some blood tests. He said that everything was normal. I was glad to hear this but disappointed at the same time. I just want to know why I'm getting these hemorrhages and no one (MD's, etc) knows why. The medical community has medications for high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and everything else to make you better but nothing for SCH's. I would like to be able to prevent these and make them go away faster when/if they come. Right now I am on day 10 of my last hemorrhage and the blood is about half way gone from my eye. People look at me like I'm weird or have that look on their face that says "What is wrong with her?"

Ladies, how often did you find yourself getting these when they first started? How often do you get them now in your 50's?

My fear is that I'm going to have to live with this the rest of my life and always be afraid of it happening at any moment. Do any of you feel that way? Is there nothing that I can do?

Still feeling helpless...
Hello Everyone. I've read through all of these posts and decided to include my own experiences. The more information, the better, I suppose. Unlike most of you, I do have high blood pressure, which is associated with SCHs, but I have been on blood pressure medication (atenolol) for about 2 years now. Oddly, this problem with SCHs has been happening to me just about that long. Before I took medicine, when my blood pressure was consistently higher, I did not have SCHs. In addition to this, the atenolol, a beta blocker, is supposed to reduce the pressure in your eye. I'm thinking that blood pressure is unrelated to this problem as it is being experienced by members of this board. Although all of us are inclined to avoid strenuous physical activity for fear of bringing on an SCH, our experiences don't seem to associate physical exertion with an incident. My experience is the same. Almost all of my SCHs have occurred while I was sitting still, sometimes in a meeting, sometimes watching TV, and once at the symphony where I had a not very good seat and spent 2 hours straining to see the players on stage. Once I got a small one after riding my bicycle, but that was the only time it happened after exercise.

Today I had another experience. A month ago my eye doctor told me I had dry eye and gave me eye drops and told me that it would be better to splash warm water in my eyes to keep them clean when I could. This morning I got up and did that. I immediately had an SCH in the same spot I had one Thursday night. That one was almost cleared up, but not quite. Most of the time, the SCH in the left eye is the same, as if from the same blood vessel. Apparently the water caused the problem. I won't be doing that again! As soon as this happened, I took my blood pressure. It was 117/76.

I'm using eye drops when it seems like my eyes are dry, but they don't seem to be dry much of the time. I have been taking fish oil and a multivitamin containing a high amount of Vit. A. I don't understand the connection between blood-thinning agents and blood vessels breaking? Can anyone explain that? Sorry this is so long. This is my first post.

I was glad to find this board and see that others are having the same anxiety over this problem that I'm having. Even when the eyes are clear, there's this persistent preoccupation with the possibility that an SCH will appear. This fear leads me to carry sunglasses and a mirror everywhere I go and to look at my eyes constantly. It also causes me to avoid certain situations where I won't have the opportunity to keep an eye on my eyes for long periods of time, unless I can wear sunglasses. It's ironic that something that is supposedly totally benign can cause such extreme disruption to a person's life.

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