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Before cataract surgery I was so nearsighted that I couldn't even find my car (let alone drive it) without correction. Plus I needed correction for intermediate and near vision due to presbyopia. Now I'm very slightly farsighted and much better off, as far as I'm concerned. I can actually drive and watch movies without correction for the first time in my life. My near and intermediate vision are about the same as when I wore my high prescription myopia-correcting glasses/contacts. I'm guessing that it's just former low myopes who experience a sense of loss post-surgery; we high myopes couldn't ever function without correction.

I don't know whether bifocal contacts would work for those of you who are experiencing a sense of loss of near vision. I ordered some Triton bifocal soft contact lenses, which are made from the same material as Extreme H2O contacts for dry eyes. These lenses promise to provide "uncompromised" vision at all distances, and they can correct astigmatism. I can't wait to try them out.

BTW, low degrees of farsightedness/astigmatism can be eliminated without lasers/cutting the eye. The office procedure (CK) uses radio waves, and it's supposed to be very safe. Some cataract surgeons include it in their enhancement packages for multifocal patients.

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