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[QUOTE=singer1;2707791]I have a really bad astigmatism (sp?) and the doctors say that it has been that way for so long that they would not correct it at this point because it would really throw my balance off. I didn't even know I had one until I closed the other eye one day and realized that I was seeing extremely blurry out of that eye. The doctors say that my right eye has compensated for the left that sometimes I will notice nothing and other times I can definately tell that there are 2 different visions going on.

I am wondering if anyone else goes through this and wanted to know how you feel on a daily basis with this kind of vision. Do you feel tired, dizzy, trouble focusing when turning your head fast etc..?

Thanks for sharing your story with me.


I am currently going through something similar to this and it was actually my reason for visiting this board today because I am not sure what to do about it either. Here is my story and I apologize ahead of time if it seems long. This post was the closest thing I could find about what I was experiencing. I started noticing about four to five years ago that the vision in both eyes is different. I noticed that I was not able to read most street signs at a distance and also had difficulty with close tasks where I had to use both eyes together such as using a computer or playing a video game on the TV.

I ignored the issue until recently when I started getting headaches, eye pain, experiencing double vision while at work and at home. I finally went to an optometrist and he prescribed fairly low power reading glasses and advised me that also had an astigmatism in my left eye which can account for the blurry vision I had been experiencing and that I was slightly farsighted and the glasses would help. This did not make sense to me since at one point I was advised that the vision in my left eye was slightly nearsighted about 20/35, but was not worthy of correcting since I had 20/20 in my right eye.

I started using the eyeglasses for the first time last week and out of curiousity I looked through them at objects all around my living room and noticed I could read the writing on the pictures in my living room. I went outside after that and did a vision comparison and looked at various objects around my home and noticed that they were finally clear with my left eye, however they are more magnified than I would like them to be because the glasses are intended for reading.

I am now debating how I should handle things after my experiment with the reading glasses. It was really nice being able to read a street sign with my left eye, but feels really awkward with the magnification of the reading glasses. I even feel awkward when I use them for their intended purpose. I think my issues are with the astigmatism and I do not believe I am actually farsighted.

I did some reading about farsightedness (hyperopia) and it explains that vision is worse on near objects and that text will be easier to read the further away it is. When I move away from the text it actually becomes more difficult to see. I think the glasses are only helping because they are making the vision in both eyes fairly even.

I also experience the symptoms you are experiencing as well. I also believe that my depth perception has been impacted as well and my right eye is not able to compensate for it as it had done in the past. I am not even sure if it is possible to grind a lense that can just correct the astigmatism but not have any power. I am just so confused now and I am not sure what to do about it. I would like to be able to see decently out of my left eye so my right eye does not need to compensate as much.

I wish I knew what to do about it.

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