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Starting Thursday Dec 21st, my 3yo son, in the middle of the day pretty much just before dinner, I noticed his left eye was droppy/swollen, goopy, and pinkish.

I assumed it was pink eye. After dinner I pumped some breastmilk and used it to treat his eye. About late Saturday my husband noticed his left eye started to get red and itchy and kind of "congested"; as he puts it. By Sunday it was full blown goopy, itchy, heavy, and droopy/swollen. So I started treating him with the breastmilk too.

Sunday midday as well, on our way up to a family dinner. We get out of the van and I noticed my now 2year olds left eye is pinkish and goopy as well.

My husband, the 3yo; who now has it in both eyes but it was looking better by Sunday, and the 2yo all have this eye thing, which I've only assumed was pink eye. But after talking with a pharacist I don't think it is pink eye anymore.

I got an OTC pink eye treatment and eye wash (with boric acid).

Monday morning my 3rd son woke up to his left eye having the same symptoms as the others. Now I am stumped! The night before after we got home from family stuff I treated everyone as a preventative measure. Oddly enough ONLY the boys have gotten this eye thing. Not one of the girls have gotten this, including the baby whom I thought would have been more susceptible since the little boys like touching her so much.


So I am literally stumped as to what this could be. When getting the eye wash we had the pharacist kind of look at it to just see what he said and suggested the eye wash.

So only the males in the house have this.
Eyes are a light pink color in the younger boys and a darker pink/red in the husband.
It only started in the left eye on each of them.
It has traveled into both eyes.
Wakes up to crusty, goopy eyes.
Feels itchy, & congested.
Worse in the morning.

Any ideas and suggestions on what it is and how to treat it? Do I have to break down and take them to a doctor?

Any help would be great!

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