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my husband is having one eye implanted with a ReZoom lens Wednesday.
I'm a worrier but I read almost 100% positive things about this procedure. I know his eye will feel scratchy but for how long I don't know.
He has cataracts and couldn't get his drivers' license renewed.
Anyone have ReZoom lens implanted?
[QUOTE=seriousperson]The ReZoom was not yet approved when I had my implants a year and a half ago, or else I would have had it implanted, having read about it in ophthalmology journals to which I then had access.
The worst problem I have with my Crystalens and ReStor implants is the inability to see well in low light, and the ReZoom is supposed to take care of that problem.
Let us know how it goes.

The discomfort from the surgery was barely perceptible; it will be over before you know it.

Just be sure to follow the doctor's directives, and don't hesitate to call them if you are unsure about something.
Before leaving the office/hospital tomorrow, be sure to clarify which number you are to call with any questions. Then you won't have any needless worries.[/QUOTE]

seriousperson, you are an :angel: He had the surgery and didn't feel a thing.
I am SO relieved. His distance vision is better already but not his reading vision but the hosp said it'll be much better tomorrow. He said the tv is even clearer and it's a 52 incher! Afterwards, his blood pressure was up for ten minutes then went back down. He actually didn't give any details of it until we were halfway home like he was in a trance--but he did fill up the car with gas as soon as we left the clinic and pushed a grocery cart :rolleyes:
Had a half hr nap and he's on the phone w/his son. His eyes are not scratchy like I had predicted; those eyedrops are terrific. He wants ME to have it done but I can very well pass the drivers' test - probably without glasses - when renewal time rolls around.
Tomorrow we go for a checkup and he said he can drive; we'll see. We have no idea when he'll get his 2nd eye done. Thanks so Much !!

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