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Hi there
I'm wondering if anyone can give me any clue as to what on earth happened to me last night.
Yesterday evening, I turned the light out in the bedroom and got into bed. A couple of minutes later I rolled over towards the side of the room where the window is and opened my eyes briefly. I realised that something didn't seem quite right. I stared at the square of the window which was obviously lighter than the rest of the room as there were some lights outside shining. However, it didn't seem as bright as usual. For no apparent reason, I covered my right eye with my hand and looked at the window. The view remained the same. I then covered my left eye with my eye - and everything went black! Completely, pitch black. I could not see anything at all. Slightly panic-stricken I repeated the exercise a couple of times with the same effect. Freaked out, I leapt out of bed and turned the light on. The view of the room appeared normal. I looked at my eye in the mirror but could see nothing wrong. I calmed myself a little, then turned out the light and looked at the window again. Through both eyes it seemed normal, but again, when I covered my left eye, I had no vision at all in my right eye. Very gradually, I began to be able to see a little crack of light in between the curtains and the vision returned a little. In total, I think this all lasted probably just over 5 minutes. As it was the middle of the night, I decided to go back to bed and see how it was in the morning.
This morning, it seemed to be OK though my vision is perhaps just a little cloudy in my right eye.
I wear contact lenses or glasses for everything but do not have drastically bad eyesight (my prescription in both eyes is -1.75). I have astigmatism in the right eye as well.
I'm going to go to the doctor on Monday, but I wondered if anyone on here had experienced anything like this that may put my mind at rest, or give me any clues as to what is going on, to give me some things to think about over the weekend before I get to the doctor.
Thanks in advance.
Hello Shadow. My guess is that your right eye does not adapt to darkness as quickly as your left. This is easy to test of course, just try it again tonight. If that is the case, I can't say why it would be.
Another possibly is a type of migraine aura (headache not necessary), but you would have noticed something unusual in your vision when you turned the light on.
When you say "doctor", I hope you mean an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

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