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Uniboy: Let me say first of all, you will get different answers to your questions because the cause of myopia is a controversial subject. It's controversial on this forum at least, I don't know how settled the question is in the real world. It's my opinion that close work and computer work do not cause or worsen myopia, but it's up to you to research the studies.

1. Lightbulbs will not hurt your eyes. The amount of time you looked at the sun will not hurt. Sun damage appears on the retina and affects overall vision, not just far. Soap will not hurt. Baby shampoo does not sting.

2.See above. It's common for myopia to develop in the teens. I say, if you need glasses, for heaven's sake, get them.

3. The cause of myopia is most often listed as being genetic. The fact that your parents do not have it is a very good sign.

4. No, in my opinion.

Just as an aside, and I've asked this question before. How come so many young people nowadays have OCD and anxiety disorder and a bunch of other stuff with initials? One theory is that in the last several decades kids have been bubble-wrapped and had all their time organized for them. Everything is dangerous, every stranger a threat. They can't walk to school alone or play outside, etc, etc. So, they become fearful and nervous and unable to cope without a plan laid out for them. Just a theory.
Dear Uniboy...

I know, that in having just want your questions answered thoroughly and with definitive answers. Unfortunately,to my understanding, this eye forum is full of people's (hopefully) informed opinions and not sound medical advice from an expert. I understand you are afraid of going to the eye doc. and also, it sounds like you're afraid of your vision deteriorating. My thinking...all of the straining you're doing from not getting glasses or contacts is only going to make your eye vision worse. I recall having headaches under my eyes before finally getting glasses from straining so much to see. Now...from everything I know...your vision will not get better...without contacts or glasses or laser will probably only worsen as you age and eventually you will have to face your fear. This is coming from someone who is diagnosed with OCD...and yes, I understand what it's me. You said you're seeing a shrink... but are you seeing a therapist?? - one that has experience with OCD and can truly help you to conquer your fears? Just so you know...OCD is really the need for certainty. And unfortunately...there are not too many things we can be certain about in this world. Your fears about going to the eye doctor are irrational...and you probably are aware of that. Many people have to wear glasses or contacts and there is nothing scary about it... but I know that's not how you feel. The only way to conquer fear is to walk through it. Getting your detailed questions answered on this forum is only fueling your's not helping you to effectively deal with your problem. Regardless of how people get bad eye sight or if it's genetic... the problem of your eyesight would still remain. If you walk through your fear and get your eyes checked... I think you'll find it 's not so scary. Think about it...what's really so scary about talking to an eye doctor and doing a vision test? Most people don't have perfect vision...and that's doesn't mean anything bad is going to happen to you and it doesn't mar you in anyway. NO ONE IS PERFECT.. And trust me, I'm the queen of irrational fears...but once you force yourself to face them...they disapear. Wouldn't it be nice to see without squinting? Ask yourself...why are you really afraid of contacts or glasses? There's nothing scary about seeing better. I've worn contacts for years...and what would I do without them? Anyhow...just trying to help. Best of Luck... K?

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