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I've been seeing splotches or spots of light for over two years now, I've already seen my PCP for a referral to an ENT/optometrist, but I'd like to gather some research on it myself first.

I'll see red, white, and blues (patriot at heart I guess); the white I'd characterize as pin point in size, the red a bit wider but still rather small, and blue is more the size of a dime. I'd say I see them more as 'light' then colors, if you can make sense of that.

Eyes closed or open makes no difference as I've seen these 'lights' just the same eyes closed. I could be looking at a wall, objects with great foreground/background distances between them, outside/inside, even this LCD screen once now -right in the center- a blue splotch as I write this.

My PCP, post wall chart exam, tells me my left is better then 20/20 but my right is two marks bellow, meaning my left is 'correcting' my right evening me out at 20/20 vision (or I just had some gunk in my right eye, don't think those things are too accurate).

Anyone experienced something like this? What could it mean or be caused by? Any advice or things I should be aware of or read up on?

Thought I'd post some more pertinent information:

My PCP is setting up a ophthalmologist visit.

22yo Male
No trauma: Light concussion many years ago, needed a couple stitches, had x-rays and all was clear

Headaches: I guess I've been minimizing them, paying more attention recently and they're pretty often

My eyes often feel 'pressure' in the mornings (after 5-7 hours sleep) my eyes are strained, sore. I do get pressure behind my eyes throughout my day, seem to go bloodshot at random. My eyes are very sensitive to light and cold. Figured it was looking at my monitor in the morning that was causing the strain I was awaking to, even after stopping that it continues, related it to using benzoyl peroxide on my face (skin treatment) but not applying it I still have the issue. Not every morning I awake to eye irritation, but everyday I do either get some pressure sensations, or strain, bloodshot, something irritating them on and off throughout the day.

I see these splotches, specks, and spots of light everyday, I seem to have those 'floater' streaks as well. There are rapid flashes, I can see just fine with them, they don't linger at all.

Sleep: avg 6 most nights. No real exercise for nearly a year now, was running/lifting for some months as of last year, reduced to walking around a lot if anything, typical daily activity.

Eyes: Light blue.

Eating: Pretty healthy, mixture of greens and fresh vegetables, fruits, everyday. Meat 4x/wk.

I do appreciate all the responses, if any of you care to go into further depth. It will be a few weeks before I get my ophthalmologist visit.

Much appreciated.

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