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Hello friends,

Here's my situation:
My distant vision is 20/30 right now, uncorrected. I am 17 years old (will be 18 in September), and I am a Junior in high school. I have always wanted to be an Air Force Pilot, and am applying to the Air Force Academy.

As you probably know, they have a very strict distant vision requirement of 20/50 or better, uncorrected for pilots (although I've heard if you're slightly over they can give you waivers).

I don't own a pair of eyeglasses, although there are times when I need them (sometimes I cannot see the chalkboard, or have a hard time driving at night, etc). I've heard that once you start wearing glasses your vision rapidly gets worse. Is this true? Basically what I want to know is this: If I continue to not wear glasses (or only wear them when I absolutely need them), how much worse will my vision get in the next 5 or 6 years? At what age does vision tend to stabilize for men??? I know it can be hard to say, but what do you think my odds are of sustaining my 20/30 vision?

Finally, I am in a lot of classes that require very heavy reading (which I believe has an impact on my vision). I've heard that looking up at an object 3-4 feet away every ten minutes or so while reading helps preserve vision. Could this be true? Are there other ways of resting your eyes/preventing strain?

Sorry for the length of this, but I have been very concerned lately.


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