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I am 18 years old. I am having vision problems. These problems have been with me as far back as I can remember in about 5th or 6th grade, I could have had them before that but never noticed. I am born premature, so that might be a major contributing factor. Below I will describe all 3 vision problems I am experiencing.

[B]1. Floaties[/B]
I have read up a lot on floaters, I hear they are normal, I only have about 1 or 2 or 3 of them, and I really noticed them when I looked into a biology microscope, they do not bother me at all unless I pay attention to them, this one is the least of my worries.

[B]2. Comet Stars[/B]
I dunno what else to call these, when I look at the sky they are way too obvious to me. If I were to try and find a plane in the sky I would not be able to do it because I see maybe hundreds of transparent comet stars floating around, I see them on white surfaces such as computer screen and the sky most visibly, I cannot really notice them on anything else such as carpets, or other textured objects. These are different than floaters, they are small and move around, they remind me of ufos in the sky shifting around every which way. I did get an eye exam for this and the doctor said it was pretty much normal and that they use it in tests on patients to see if they can see them, but I have a lot of them.

[B]3. Image Burning, Disappearing, Fading.[/B]
This is the big one, the most of my worries. I noticed this problem in 6th grade when sleeping over at a friend house. the room we slept in was pitch black and I saw the bright red alarm clock displaying the time in numbers. I stared at it and maybe 10-15 seconds passed and to my amazement the bright red alarm clock numbers blended in with the darkness and the next thing I knew it seemed like my eyes were closed. But when I blink or even move my eye a tiny bit the vision comes back.

If i stare at a white wall that comes to together to a corner, the line that defines the corner will fade in with the rest of the white wall and the line will be gone.

I have tried staring straight ahead of me while driving at both day and night, and my vision will not dissappear, this is because all of the objects are moving and do not have time to burn into my eyes and disapear or fade into other colors.

Another thing I should mention is that if I stare at something, like a object, it will slowly begin to disapear and get blurry and blend in with surroundings, but if i move my eye just a millimeter and look somewhere else I can see the burned image of the object I was looking at.

I tried starting into space at the breakroom at work and the room is mostly white walls. Anyway I started as long as I could without blinking and I everything disappeared and went to almost near whiteout. It took about maybe 15 - 30 seconds.

This fading and burning thing only happens if I keep my eyes completely still for 15 seconds or more and not even blink or move them, when things do disappear my vision goes to normal and I sometimes can see the outlines of the burned objects. It is the worst at night and only takes about 5 seconds for things to completely blackout if i stare at complete darkness when I am sleeping or something, day time is a bit harder and will maybe take 30 seconds for things colors to bleed into each other but it will not white out or black out. I cannot confirm if it has gotten worse over the years since 6th grade. I think though that the staring time has decreased by 3 seconds maybe.

I have looked all over internet for something like what I am experiencing and found nothing like it, its wierd, anybody else having it, any advice would be appreciated.

At least if i am going blind, I am hoping that it wont be until 40 or 50, or even 60.

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