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[quote]Originally posted by no_carrots:
[b]Help!! about a week ago my eyelids got really itchy and sore. I am ashamed to say i just had to scratch them, so they swelled up quite badly. Now my eyes are still sore and itchy but not as bad, and whats even worse my eyeslids appear to be peeling. Also I have tiny little raised spots, wellthats what they look like, under my eyes. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? My doctor seems to think it is a spot of excema but I had excema when I was younger and it never gave me these little spots. If you have any idea please let me know ASAP as it is quite sore! [/b][/quote]

In May my right eyelid (close to the corner) became very itchy. I also itched it and it became swollen. The swelling wasn't real bad and went down after a day but then my eyelid got real dry and scaly looking and started to flake. It would not go away. My doctor thought it was blepharitis and gave me an eye ointment and told me not to wear any makeup or my contacts until it went away. It did go away but soon returned. I realized that it would reoccur every time I put nail polish on. So I did some research and found an article that said that if you develop an irritation to nail polish the first place that would become irritated is the eyelid not the fingers weird uh? So I stopped using nail polish and my eye lid is pretty good now. The only time it acts up seems to be when I get my period and then it goes away. I use vitamin E (a very small amount) and rub it on there and that seems to help. I too had eczema when I was in my early teens. I am now 26 and it has come back. It is on my legs which it was before but also is appearing on the top of my ears and I am also getting patches on my wrists and inside of my elbows. So my feeling is that it is an eczema patch on my eyelid and when I get my period I get PMS which induces stress which induces my eczema. This is just my self diagnosis, I may be wrong. Let me know if you find anything that helps you or if you get any other type of diagnosis. Sorry this is so long!

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