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I have always had floaters in my eyes. I was told by many doctors, and A specialist that there is nothing that can be done about them. I also have dry eyes, and twitching. I was told that this was because I do not blink very often ( true ). I was told to use A natural tear type of eye drops often. I do this now, and it seams to help. I started having a lite cloudy vision, and sometimes blurry vision about A year ago. I finally had more extensive testing done on my eyes and found out that I have " LOW PRESSURE GLACOMA ". I have always been tested for GLACOMA and my pressure has always been normal. This normal pressure was damaging my eyes. I have had laser surgery in both eyes, and use special eye drops, which has resulted in greatly lowering the pressure in my eyes. I no longer have the cloudy, blurry vision.

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