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Four weeks ago, I saw my Eye Dr about a yellow transparent circle in my right eye. After dialating my eyes, he told me they were normal. The circle, he said is a floater. I was relieved, but had doubts.

The yellow cirlce turned into a grey spot in my central vision. I also experience purple lights at night, and during the day see this purple thing crawling across my eye (sometimes).

Tired of worry and filled with doubt, I went back today and saw a different Dr. There is fluid leaking behind my retina. He is referring me to a Retina specialist. If treatment does not work, I will need Laser surgery. He thinks it's "Central serous chorioretinopathy" I may have to have dye injected into my arm to check the eyes. Not clear on this procedure. As long as it does not temporarily blind me, I'm okay witrh it.

If I do have "Central serous chorioretinopathy", it makes sense. About the time this started, I was under extreme stress (computer programming student). This disorder tends to affect people with Type "A" personalities.

Does anyone have any info or input on this disorder?

It amazes me what can happen to the eye in just 4 weeks...unless the first Dr. missed something. I suppose we should listen to our "gut" feelings.

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