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Hi, I have had these capillaries on the white part of my eye which I noticed close in the mirrow 6 months ago.. They are only in the section which is visible by someone sle when I am squinting.. So maybe I have done some damage to my eye while I was squinting? Maybe the sun? I also work with chemicals and squint when using them... It's like a dense network of capilleries, which when not looked at very closely just looks like a slight tanning.. I really hate it, and it makes me depressed. I have always had compliments on my blue eyes, and now I feel like there is something wrong. My vision is fine, and I have been to the docs and he referred me to a specialist, he just tested my eyesight, and didnt really answer my question about this problem. Sometimes my eyes get sore and dry also, after I have been at work and driving home they sometimes get sore/dry. I have used nearly every eye drop which eases the soreness, but doesnt clear the capilleries/blood vessels.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

A few things:

1) I have the same problem, and it is a bit depressing, I agree. But mine was due to wearing contact lenses for too long during the day. The situation is called "neovascularization," or the development of new blood vessels.

2) It is unlikely you got these due to squinting, however do you wear contact lenses?

3) If not, there is another culprit that contributes to these, and that is the very thing you are using to try to fight them: the EYEDROPS!!! Stop using these eyedrops as soon as possible. Most commercial eyedrops (like Visine, Clear Eyes, etc.) actually make the problem worse because your eyes become dependent on them to stay white, and when you aren't putting them in your eyes, the veins get worse. That's what all my eye doctors have told me.

I don't know if there is a way to reverse the veins, but if anyone else knows a SAFE way, please post. Don't say eyedrops, because they are actually dangerous for your eyes.

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