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"Let me tell you, my child doesn't even like me to ask about them. He always grunts & acts exasperated when I ask because he has to stop and consciously look around to find them. He then matter-of-factly answers my questions about them and we go on about our business."

This is in no way stating that you are a "hysterical mom" or anything like that. I must comment about what you stated in quotes above on your post. If he has to stop and look around for the floaters, and that is what you seem to be describing, then most likely they aren't as noticable as they had been. Since you went to see an ophthalmologist, then recieved a second opinion as well, and both came out fine, I would probably drop the subject with your son for a while and see if HE brings it up on his own. IF his vision seems to be impaired or he tells you he is seeing flashes of light or develops eye pain or light sensitivity, then get him seen again. Don't ask him all the time since at his age, he may begin the think that he's supposed to see certain things, or feel certain ways or you wouldn't be asking. Otherwise, he is most likely fine and had some mild inflammation due to the snowball which has since subsided. Floaters will decrease in most cases as the inflammation goes away. Wait and see. Again, I hope you don't take this the wrong way. Been there myself.

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